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  1. well they did sing together on Fire during the 1980/81 River Tour
  2. I prefer the versions when Bruce is hollering the chorus fully himself and not leaving it to the crowd which is what he did on the 88 Tour.The 75-85 performance is the definitive version for me (studio version included).
  3. ha ha Ive got a few. here we go !! The 1978 Darkness Tour is overrated !! Its not the best ( Its still great )Its just that i Prefer other tours for many of my favourite live versions. For example Badlands ( I Would go with a version from the River Tour onwards) Born To Run .Ive never heard a version vocally on the Darkness tour that satisfies me. Its played too dam fast, vocally too rushed (it was better in the early 75 tour versions) Bruce did admit that the Band didnt really get it together live until 84/85 tour. I could go on I just think from a vocal perspective he became a bett
  4. Born To Run Studio version and Born In The USA Live L.A. 30 th SEPT 1985 so many to choose from though.
  5. totally agree. Its just a shame that the LT Outtake Happy (ended up on Tracks) wasn't included. Love that song such a beautiful lyric and melody
  6. love The Big Muddy very underrated. one of the best songs on the album.(the live plugged version is the definitive one) with all respect
  7. I disagree with respect I love the rough and ready feel of Lucky Town in contrast to the produced but soulless production of Human Touch. Lucky Town has a lovely feel of warmth and spontaneity, featuring songs coming from the heart. Human Touch whilst containing some good songs is mostly ruined by the production (eg Real World ,Soul Driver in particular) in my opinion.
  8. absolutely by far the best all acoustic show !
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