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  1. hi there, i m looking for this lossless gig : 2004-10-11 MCI Center, Washington, DC but not this one :People Have The Power - Asbury Records. Can someone upload it pleaz? thanx a lot
  2. hi guys, who s got sao paulo 1988-10-12 lossless & can upload it? thanx !!!
  3. i thought a bootleg exists for that show, nevermind, stay safe
  4. looking for this one 2014-02-26 Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia Didn't find it on jungleland, thanx guys, stay safe!!!!
  5. that quote is insane: i respect yourself so pleaz do the same. thanx for the ones who will eventually fulfill my requests. With this kind of answer, I think this will be my last requests . Pleaz Don't answer my post coz i won't answer yours. Stay safe anyway.
  6. Don't forget that getting bootlegs or live gigs is free : all the tapers, the traders are doing the job for free so it s hard to imagine that i must pay $£€ to get boots that s meant to be free. Nevermind,if no one uploads these gigs for me , i won't get them, i think there s so much important things in life these days. We re al confined here so getting some boots bring some light in these darkest days bt i m not sure you re seeing things like that.
  7. so i need to pay a groupe news provider? if so, i don t think i ll take it
  8. thanx for your answer but i don 't know how to use it
  9. Before asking here, i checked jungleland : the 2 first ones had 2 seeders but i couldn't dl them for ABMS, i Don't know the adress: can you give it to me pleaz?
  10. hi there hope everyone is ok As i m at home since covid 19 crisis, i put some order in my collection & i d like to get these lossless gigs pleaz : 1981-04-24 Palais Des Sports De Gerland, Lyon, France 2012-12-10 Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico 2014-02-01 FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa 2014-01-29 Bellville Velodrome, Cape Town, South Africa 2014-01-28 Bellville Velodrome, Cape Town, South Africa 2014-01-26 Bellville Velodrome, Cape Town, South Africa thanx a lot & stay safe
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