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    I sing and play guitar in a rock band. I write songs. Also play the harmonica, piano and a bit of banjo. I like horses.

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  1. Now I’m eating chips as the sun rises This is the way
  2. Yeah. I feel most people get too stuck in the cities though. The landscape can get really amazing as you go up north
  3. In Medelpad, relatively close to Sundsvall Gissjön, Ånge kommun https://goo.gl/maps/gobBAy6y99BKX39a8
  4. Never looks as nice on camera but anyway
  5. Haven’t posted here in a while but anyhow… As I’m typing this I’m sitting by the still waters of a lake in the north of Sweden 30 minutes past midnight. I’m surrounded by forests and mountains. There is a GREAT ORANGE FULL MOON rising over the pines, it’s bright yellow light reflecting on the still water. In the dark blue sky above some stars have started peering out. I just observed an insanely beautiful shooting star. I can hear some cars on the freeway a few kilometers away beyond the woods on the opposite side of the lake. Other than that… Save for the occasional splashing of fish and the wind rustling through the trees it is completely silent. I feel like a part of this world in a much stronger way (although I’m now much more isolated) than I would in any big city. As I wait for someone to come out and call me back inside the house I listen to the masterpiece album called Nebraska. Yes Bruce… I can feel the spirit now… This is the way to live Amen
  6. Listening to "Janey Needs a Shooter" right now and man that chorus is heavy as hell
  7. My dad has told me that when he discovered Bruce in '85 he thought the chorus of Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out went "Til' devil do freeze out". He thought it was like the expression "until hell freezes over" which is a logical conclusion to make as at that time he was just a swedish guy who had only heard it performed live. And I mean, not even Bruce knows what the fuck a Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out is.
  8. On I wish I were blind there doesn't seem to be too much going on. A LOT of distortion, a few hammer-ons and pull-offs, a few slides here and there, quite a bit of hand made vibrato and maybe a few bends here or there. (I Think it's in G# major if that helps). 41 Shots: Again a LOT of heavy distortion, a lot of hand vibrato mixed with the distortion is probably what makes that special sound. As a conclusion I don't think that there's really anything special going on with his hands. The "effect" you're looking for is probably just mostly in the distortion. I don't really know what pedals he's using but you can probably find that out somewhere else on the internet. I Think that there are some older posts in the Union Street section that might give you a good idea of what he's using but I Think you're better of finding a sound that reflects YOU better, your own sound. You don't need anything special for playing these solos I just recommend that you learn them using a cleaner sound first and then when you've got it you can knock on some distortion. Hope this helps, I am in no way a musical expert so my answers might not have been what you were looking for but I hope that it helped at least a little. Stay healthy and keep rocking.
  9. Man, there's nothing I'd ever like more than to sit around and jam with these guys
  10. Sounds nice dude, I'll check it out when I get time
  11. Thanks dude, I really appreciate it
  12. So I'll be jamming with some dudes I know from school in about a week and I just wanted to know if anybody knows of a good site to find Springsteen sheet music or tabs. One of the dudes plays tenor saxophone so I just thought I'd would be nice if I could get a hold of some good Clarence solos or riffs the easy way so we have less to figure out by ear.
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