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  1. Listening to "Janey Needs a Shooter" right now and man that chorus is heavy as hell
  2. My dad has told me that when he discovered Bruce in '85 he thought the chorus of Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out went "Til' devil do freeze out". He thought it was like the expression "until hell freezes over" which is a logical conclusion to make as at that time he was just a swedish guy who had only heard it performed live. And I mean, not even Bruce knows what the fuck a Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out is.
  3. On I wish I were blind there doesn't seem to be too much going on. A LOT of distortion, a few hammer-ons and pull-offs, a few slides here and there, quite a bit of hand made vibrato and maybe a few bends here or there. (I Think it's in G# major if that helps). 41 Shots: Again a LOT of heavy distortion, a lot of hand vibrato mixed with the distortion is probably what makes that special sound. As a conclusion I don't think that there's really anything special going on with his hands. The "effect" you're looking for is probably just mostly in the distortion. I don't really know what pe
  4. Man, there's nothing I'd ever like more than to sit around and jam with these guys
  5. Sounds nice dude, I'll check it out when I get time
  6. Thanks dude, I really appreciate it
  7. So I'll be jamming with some dudes I know from school in about a week and I just wanted to know if anybody knows of a good site to find Springsteen sheet music or tabs. One of the dudes plays tenor saxophone so I just thought I'd would be nice if I could get a hold of some good Clarence solos or riffs the easy way so we have less to figure out by ear.
  8. So I'm listening to the live at Main Point '75 version of New York City Serenade (the best thing to ever have existed in the history of the world after the boss himself according to me) and I was just wondering if anybody knew who the violinist playing with them was, just wanted to know out of pure curiosity.
  9. Just tought I'd give my opinion on this whole I'm on fire thing. I think that in this video Bruce clearly explains a different side of the song, one which people often don't think of as they get caught up in the people present in the songs story instead of the feelings which the song contains. After all I think music is best described as using sound to imitate emotions. To me this song is about frustration and despair, a want and a need to explode and tear down everything around you so that you could build something that makes sense, so you can bring a light to the darkness. He is on fir
  10. I suppose the Born in the U.S.A. outtake Rockaway the days features some likeness with The River. The way the main character falls in love with a girl named Mary and they get married in the valley where the river flows.
  11. Hey there and thanks for the welcome. I feel very lucky that I have had parents and brothers who have introduced me to the boss very early in my life.
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