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  1. 1 hour ago, doesthisbusstop said:

    You would expect it to be fairly easy to reserve similar dates e.g Frankfurt 10th June 2022 to same /close date 2023. And it likely won’t be a delayed Letter To You tour now, plenty of time to release a new ESB album to tour behind. 

    Frankfurt 2023 will probably not happen, the stadium will be renovated or rebuilt at the end of 2022.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Frank said:

    How reliable is Tramps of the Lowlands? I’d never heard of them before 2022 to be honest, and I’ve been around here for a pretty long time. I mean, maybe they’re right, but I don’t see why an artist should come out and take position on a rumor spread by one of their web/Facebook communities. Especially when the said rumor is about something not announced yet not happening altogether. Let’s be patient. If there’s a tour in the making, we’ll know everything we need from mid January to mid-late February. 

    The adminstator from Lowlandshas probably contacts to a promoter, has allegedly seen the tour list but names no cities.

    Now he got the info that the tour was supposedly postponed to 2023.

  3. 4 minutes ago, doesthisbusstop said:

    I just hope there is some form of statement about it from Bruce Inc fairly soon and it isn't just left out there as a “we never said a tour was definitely happening anyway” kind of way. 

    The Springsteen responsible know exactly that we discuss for weeks about a possible European tour. If there will be no tour according to Tramps of the Lowlands, why can't the Springsteen management announce via Twitter that there will be no European tour after all. Instead, they leave us in the dark.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Turkued said:

    In the pre-times My Chemical Romance announced a stadium tour of Europe and an arena tour of North America that sold out in hours, some tickets going for in excess of $1,000 thanks to Ticketmaster's demand oriented flexible pricing. That 2021 tour was postponed to next year.

    Last week, additional dates were put on sale. People just aren't buying. The group which sold out two stadium shows in Bonn in minutes can't sell out arena shows in Berlin or Munich in days. Lots of seats available in stadiums, for as little as $40.

    I think people may be tired of loaning money to Ticketmaster for shows that have a good chance of being postponed. I know personally I have over $8,600 invested in concert tickets, 2 per show for 41 dates, between now and 2023. In the US and UK they will generally refund you the money, if requested, when a show is postponed. In many EU countries you just get credit for future shows by the promoter. I got in this situation gradually, tickets bought from 2018 on for now postponed shows, but I know I'm done buying tickets very far in advance. I'd rather be forced into buying from touts closer to the show.

    Omicron is rightfully scaring people. It appears to be the most transmissive respiratory virus ever. Vaccines aren't that effective, and much information we just don't have. I think Bruce Inc. made a wise decision to postpone a tour announcement. Europe is particularly difficult, with travel rules seemingly changing by the hour. Lots of countries. Three weeks ago, being vaccinated, it was easy for me to go to Europe from the U.K. Now I need PCR tests in both directions, and upon return. These tests are expensive.

    I sense the 2022 Euro summer tour might not be the best of ideas. Start with arenas in North America in the fall, where there is at least a unified travel market, and then hope for Euro in 2023. The anti-viral pills are coming online, if needed vaccines tailored to omicron will be available...

    Of course, with the 1/3 of most populations refusing to get vaccinated and the lack of vaccines in the developing world I'm not sure 2023 will be any better. Nobody knows. But from a business perspective, the lack of MCR sales last week should send a message about the willingness of the European public to buy, right now.  


    I disagree, Bruce should book stadiums in Europe now for 2022 and also sell tickets for these shows. If the shows are postponed to 2023, Bruce has the prerogative to book the same stadiums for 2023. The problem this time was with Milan, Bruce couldn't get an appointment for San Siro because the shows booked for 2020 had priority.

  5. 2 hours ago, DennisvdBr said:

    über die werbetafel.


    In deutschen Foren bestätigen die Leute, dass es an mehreren Orten in Frankfurt zu sehen ist.

    Oh mein Gott!!!!!!!! Ich selbst kann es nicht einmal glauben! passiert es wirklich!

    Die Plakate werden heute wohl alle in Frankfurt abgebaut. Die Firma, die die Plakate aufgehängt hat, hat wohl nicht die Information erhalten, dass die Ankündigung der Deutschlandtournee verschoben wurde.

  6. 1 hour ago, DennisvdBr said:

    über die werbetafel.


    In deutschen Foren bestätigen die Leute, dass es an mehreren Orten in Frankfurt zu sehen ist.

    Oh mein Gott!!!!!!!! Ich selbst kann es nicht einmal glauben! passiert es wirklich!

    The posters will probably all be dismantled in Frankfurt today. The company that hung up the posters has probably not received the information that the announcement of the German tour has been postponed.

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