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  1. Most of the Nebraska album..Mansion on the Hill, HighwayPatrolman, Open All Night, My Father’s House. Other than that, Downbound Train and Lost in the Flood are also brilliant.
  2. I know it’s probably been posted before, but if anyone has a good quality audio of Paris 85, I would appreciated it.
  3. I’d like something from BITUSA. It’s amazing how underrepresented that tour has been on the archive series. I mean we’ve now had more Devils and Dust tour releases than BITUSA tour releases. Any idea as to why there are so few releases from the BITUSA tour?
  4. Buddhabone I know you are tired of all the requests, but I also would like a copy of this! Please!
  5. I know they were working on a new album but with the virus we know a tour is not going to be able to happen in the foreseeable future. So do you think we are now more likely to get some kind of box set this year? I’d think they would hold the new album until they could schedule a tour behind it. And which would you rather have..Tracks 2 or BITUSA box?
  6. Lost in the Flood has changed a few times over the years
  7. 1. The Promised Land 2. The River 3. Highway Patrolman 4. Badlands 5. Incident on 57th Street 6. For You 7. Cadillac Ranch 8. I’m Going Down 9. Lost in the Flood 10. Atlantic City
  8. When purchasing these shows, can anyone explain in layman’s terms what’s the difference between ALAC and ALAC HD? Is ALAC HD worth it?
  9. Also if someone would mind reposting 1996-12-05 Columbia, SC I would appreciate it very much. I know it’s been posted before, but the link closed before I could download it. Many thanks.
  10. Does anyone have 2005-07-18 Buffalo? Thanks
  11. I think maybe we have to lower our expectations a bit. Bruce will be 71 in September. The days of touring most of the year at 3+ hours a night may be behind him. And certain songs like Cadillac Ranch, Badlands, etc take a certain amount of energy to play. And the fans expect that energy. And I don’t think Bruce wants to disappoint us. I do think the E Street Band will play together again but I think the tour and show length may be pared down considerably. The grand old days may be behind us.
  12. Hearing that on the radio made it pretty clear it isn’t happening this year. Maybe we do get the album later in the year though. And maybe a tour next year. It’s just with these guys getting up in age, ever year that passes is huge
  13. I think best case scenario is an album late fall or close to Christmas and maybe a tour next year. Bruce will be 71 then so who knows. I know Steve tried to walk it back later on Twitter but if you heard him on the radio, it was pretty clear there’s not going to be a tour this year.