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  1. I thought it was a beautiful performance. I do wish he would lose the earrings. Was never a fan of them anyway and for someone in their 70’s now, seems silly looking.
  2. I think that time period is well represented and he made the best albums of his career during that timespan. I think when he looks back on it, and we look back on it, 87-2002 is the period that seems kind of lost. Especially the 90’s. Human Touch, Lucky Town, and Joad. That’s it. You did have Greatest Hits and Tracks. But only 3 studio albums.
  3. I think it would have made a lot more sense to maybe do a 2-3 disc Best of Darkness Live. Include the best performances of each of the staple songs and then some of the one-offs such as Summertime Blues.
  4. Just finished my first listen. It’s magnificent. Easily the best thing he’s done since The Rising. Maybe the best the band has ever sounded on a studio album. My favorites: damn near all of them. This is an album I will listen to beginning to end many times. Thousand Guitars and Janey Needs a Shooter are probably the weakest and my least favorites. I was a little unsure how the older songs would work but they sound great. If I Was Priest is so catchy especially the chorus. Amazing what he did with song. So different than the early demo boot but it works. Orphans sounds good too but I think I do prefer a slower version of that song. All the instruments step on the lyrics a little. It’s still a great song though. Overall, it’s 5 stars from me. Best he’s done in a long, long time. I just hope we get to hear these songs live
  5. I thought Letter to You was meh but Ghosts is outstanding!
  6. Thought it was great. Outstanding. Best thing he’s done in a while imo. Band sounds phenomenal. Classic E Street. Lyrics are much stronger than Letter to You. “I’m alive” means so much this day in time. Still here. Still fighting. His voice isn’t what it once was but he’s over 70 now and that’s understandable. Very excited for the album now.
  7. I don’t mind older songs being used/re-recorded if they lend to the theme and arc of the album. I thought Land of Hope and Dreams fit on Wrecking Ball. High Hopes, however, was just mish mash of songs thrown together and called an album. I feel the new album will be the same way. If I was the Preist, Song for Orphans, Janey, and Letter to You don’t seem to be related at all. I fear this will just be another collection of songs, albeit some strong and enjoyable, but not a true album.
  8. Probably next fall if I had a guess. It’s coming. If I’m not mistaken, Tracks 2 and a BITUSA box are part of the last contract he signed with Sony. So it’s more a matter of when not if.
  9. It’s an ok song but I don’t think it’s slap it on a T-shirt and hat worthy. I mean geez.
  10. I thought it was okay. It’s not great by any means, but it’s good to hear Bruce and the band back together again though. I liked the production and sound. I much prefer Aniello over O’Brien. Bruce’s voice sounded strong and that’s a relief as I was little worried after the Western Stars concert thing. Yes it’s a little weak lyrically, but I’m reminded that Hello Sunshine and There Goes My Miracle are my two least favorite and a couple of the imo weaker songs on Western Stars, so I’m hoping the stronger stuff lies ahead. Can’t wait to see what he did with Song for Orphans and If I Was a Priest
  11. Song for the Orphans and If I Was the Priest are beautiful songs. But I just wonder if they will be as good as the wonderful sounding outtakes we have now on YouTube, etc. I don’t know if his voice now will sound as good on those songs as a younger Bruce’s did. Looking forward to the album though.
  12. Kind of looks like a solo record though doesn’t it?
  13. I prefer Wrecking Ball slightly over Magic, even though it isn’t a straightforward E Street Band record. Magic is very strong through and holds up quite well. I just don’t care for the Brendan O’Brien production sound. At all.
  14. A tiny hint from Jim Rotollo on E Street Radio yesterday. I’m paraphrasing but he said something to the extent of, “what will next week in Bruce Springsteen world bring? Just wait and see.” I think it’s coming guys, just be patient.
  15. Do y’all think we will ever get Main Point 75?
  16. Most of the Nebraska album..Mansion on the Hill, HighwayPatrolman, Open All Night, My Father’s House. Other than that, Downbound Train and Lost in the Flood are also brilliant.
  17. I know it’s probably been posted before, but if anyone has a good quality audio of Paris 85, I would appreciated it.
  18. I’d like something from BITUSA. It’s amazing how underrepresented that tour has been on the archive series. I mean we’ve now had more Devils and Dust tour releases than BITUSA tour releases. Any idea as to why there are so few releases from the BITUSA tour?
  19. Buddhabone I know you are tired of all the requests, but I also would like a copy of this! Please!
  20. I know they were working on a new album but with the virus we know a tour is not going to be able to happen in the foreseeable future. So do you think we are now more likely to get some kind of box set this year? I’d think they would hold the new album until they could schedule a tour behind it. And which would you rather have..Tracks 2 or BITUSA box?
  21. Lost in the Flood has changed a few times over the years
  22. 1. The Promised Land 2. The River 3. Highway Patrolman 4. Badlands 5. Incident on 57th Street 6. For You 7. Cadillac Ranch 8. I’m Going Down 9. Lost in the Flood 10. Atlantic City
  23. When purchasing these shows, can anyone explain in layman’s terms what’s the difference between ALAC and ALAC HD? Is ALAC HD worth it?
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