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  1. If they played Scotland my guesses Hampden Park In Glasgow TRNSMT Festival, Glasgow Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
  2. Unfortunate that he's not coming to Glasgow. Shame
  3. I think they've been recording every show since 2005.
  4. Toby Scott said in a interview they recorded a city in Upper NE or NY, and there's probably a couple from the LA Sports Arena
  5. They really recorded great music.
  6. A Rock and Roll great is gone
  7. We're definitely due another River show, either 80 or 81
  8. Although i've seen Bruce in Glasgow. It would be really intresting to see him anywhere in Europe (e.g. London or Rome) And also see him in his home state New Jersey
  9. https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,26943/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-8-15-2012-Fenway-Park-Boston-MA.html
  10. I have a green t shirt of the August 14th Fenway concert it says Entering Bosston on the t shirt
  11. We defintiley need a 2013 show but also a River show either 80 or 81
  12. So August 18, 19, 21 are next to release from this run of shows. Although we have some songs from the 19th and 21st on Live 1975-85
  13. Was waiting for another 1985 show for years. Well worth the wait
  14. Was waiting for another 1985 show for years. Well worth the wait
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