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  1. Hope for the best. If 2022 is not possible for a European tour then maybe 2023
  2. Or, they could do A few warm up shows in NJ/NY as a trail to see if the crowds can go to these events in a safe way and then plan a big world tour
  3. There's rumours from a article dated a few days ago that Bruce could be headlining Glastonbury again "Also rumoured to be making the trip from the US is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame star Bruce Springsteen, who hasn’t played Glastonbury for 12 years. It’s not yet known if the singer of hits like Born in the USA, Hungry Heart and Dancing in the Dark is touring in 2022 but the bookies are already taking bets that The Boss might be heading back to Somerset." https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/whats-on/everything-know-glastonbury-festival-2022-6424968
  4. My favourite live version of the song from July 6, 1981 at Meadowlands Arena
  5. I know. I Don't like either of them. Would rather see Bruce than them, but don't know if it'll happen this year
  6. Didn't think that show had been recorded. So this is a surprise, but a good one
  7. This was a great film Peter directed about Tom Petty. One i'd recommend. R.I.P. Peter
  8. Yeah the pandemic may be gone by 2023. They could do the USA shows in 2022 and move Europe to 2023
  9. John Cooper whos recorded every Bruce show since 2005
  10. Toby also stated he probably recorded a couple at Los Angeles Sports Arena
  11. Ignore the second message that was a mistake
  12. Tempe 80 is my favorite live version of Badlands
  13. So was Atlanta 78, Greensboro 08 and Nassau 28-12-80
  14. Has he been working real hard to get his hands clean
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