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  1. Personally, I think everyone just needs to chill out and be happy we have new music!
  2. Had a couple listens to the album now, I love it. A few songs will take time to grow on me I think. I think I hyped up Rainmaker and House of a thousand guitars a bit Janey and Priest are absolutely fantastic! Huge fan of these I was a little disappointed in House of a thousand guitars though You can almost hear callbacks to past albums, Rainmaker has hints of DnD at the beginning, Power of Prayer sounds like a Magic song almost and the first track is very reminiscent of GoTJ IMO. The guitar in the last track makes me think of Lucky Town too I really want to like Burnin' T
  3. This is an 88 performance, my favourite, I'm pretty sure it's from the East Berlin show, Rocking the Wall
  4. Good answers, I guess most people's opinion would be somewhat based upon their favourite songs and eras. Whilst I do think My Father's House from Christic is one of his best, part of says it's the best because it's one of my favourite songs
  5. BITUSA is probably my favourite period of Bruce and I really enjoy his voice from then
  6. I've just got the Christic Shows today, they're fantastic. I think that My Father's House from the show is Bruce's best ever performance, vocal wise. I'm sure most of the answers will be Christic performances but I'd love to know other people's opinions
  7. Gonna guess right now that the next release will be a Castilles show. Already some rumours and it'll be the first show post LtY
  8. A castilles release would be awesome, I hope it's not another Darkness show. Obviously would love to hear any show, and they should release the Atlanta show at some point. Just feels like Darkness has been done to death
  9. Made this a while back for my favourite song
  10. Live May 22nd and 28th 1993, The Lost TV Special https://youtu.be/w8Tqeczism0
  11. Doing the Berlin 88 show today, they should release this on the archive
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