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  1. Thank you for everything! Got a lot to get through now
  2. Doing The New Sound of '84, Alameda County Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA (1984-10-21). Trying to clear my backlog lol
  3. Hey everyone, does anyone have links to these 4 shows? Feels like ones I should already have had lol 1984-11-19 Kemper Arena, MO 1984-7-23 Toronto, CNE Grandstand 1984-7-24 Toronto, CNE Grandstand 1984-12-11 Rupp Arena, KY Thanks in advance!
  4. A lot of people say the LA performance from Live 1975-1985 is the best, it's really good but I think this performance from Amnesty Internation 1988 blows it out the water!
  5. Means a lot to finally find more footage from this tour! You uploaders are the best, I'd love to be able to help out as well but unfortunately my upload speed is truly terrible maybe one day!
  6. Good to know it at least might be out there somewhere, thank you!
  7. Thanks! BITUSA Bruce is my dads era Bruce so that's partly why I love it, the tour was also just crazy, stupid fun!
  8. Found the whole Paris show on YouTube! I might've spotted that Glory Days documentary now that you mention it was 1987
  9. I'll accept any BITUSA tour footage anyone has extremely thankfully! I can only find snippets of concerts on YouTube and it makes me long for more lol
  10. I only have the audio for Paris 85, never heard of this documentary The BITUSA tour is my favourite, it was just crazy fun, I really hope they officially release more footage like a rumour suggested a while ago
  11. Does anyone have bootleg footage from any of the Los Angeles Coliseum Shows from the end of the BITUSA tour? I've heard there's some footage circulating but I'm not sure how much. I love BITUSA tour footage but only have Toronto 84 and a Philadelphia show Thanks in advance!
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