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  1. I am now! I'm not too well versed with the archive releases, only have two myself
  2. Hey guys, looking for tracks to play along with to guitar? All I can find online are karaoke tracks and stuff, any help is appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, looking for tracks to play along with to guitar? All I can find online are karaoke tracks and stuff, any help is appreciated!
  4. August 25–29 1984 Either of the June 1985 Newcastle shows 1985 Wembley Shows Really just looking for any BITUSA Bootlegs, I have a couple but not as many as I would like and the quality varies. Any are appreciated!
  5. Yeah, it says that because I added them to a playlist from Bruce's channel as they don't upload in playlists lol The Springsteen channel is weird as random shows are uploaded occasionally and the easiest way to find them is to type in 'bruce springsteen' on youtube and sort by new. I added them to a playlist for ease of finding, but they were uploaded to the official channel, like it says the playlist is mine but the uploader is the Bruce channel
  6. I'm just starting to finally grow my bootleg collection, I have some well known shows and some other random ones. I have around 29 shows, pretty sure to 'legally' be the moderator on r/BruceSpringsteen I need to have way more. Just kidding ahaha But, I am missing key shows such as Winterland and others. For years I ignored bootlegs mostly as my internet sucks for downloading So, if people could link me to what are known as key shows, absolute essentials, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  7. Yeah, that'd be great! My OCD is going nuts only having half a show in my collection lol, is the one the Bruce channel uploaded an official recording that's been kept in a 'vault' for years?
  8. Yeah, official channel. One of them showed up in my YouTube feed and I found the rest by typing in Bruce Springsteen and sorting by new. They uploaded the second half of the show only for some reason, I put it in a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw4Eln-LI2EcSY_QqKRIy4E_3fan44Bo0
  9. Thanks for the info! Unfortunately I don't think the Bruce channel will post them, they have a bad habit of posting half of some random show then making it only available in limited countries, can also be hard to find what's posted as the upload section on the channel isn't like others
  10. Bruce just uploaded 16/30 of the songs from this concert to YouTube, I was wondering if anyone has the full show so I can add it to my collection? Also, it sounds as if there's a saxophone on the Born to Run performance, I'm a bit confused as there's so saxophone player in the other band?
  11. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/06/bruce-springsteens-playlist/613378/ New Bruce Interview.
  12. Made a version which should fit a desktop, lyrics are a little harder to see unfortunately