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  1. We're gonna have a sort of remembrance post for Clarence on the subreddit, r/BruceSpringsteen, later today. We're gonna ask for people's favourite photos of the Big Man and then I'll collate them into one big picture
  2. Hi, does anyone have any of these shows? 2005-05-05 Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA 2005-05-07 Lecture Hall, The Colorado Convention 2005-10-12 Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis 2005-11-19 Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, FL 2005-11-08 Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA Thanks for any help!
  3. Does anyone know of a bootleg show which features a performance of Johnny 99 with the bullet mic? I'd guess it'd be GOTJ or D&D tour, thanks for any help!
  4. Hey, I've tried to find a good quality performance with the bullet mic for a while to no end. I found one on YouTube which had the bullet mic and a steel guitar but the audio quality was so poor. If someone can direct me to a bootleg with it or something then that'd be great! Thanks
  5. Does anyone have a recorded version of the show they could link as a download? In the UK and the free stuff has ended
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/BruceSpringsteen/comments/gbitbs/concert_of_the_month_1_live_in_barcelona/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share This is the first of a new series we're making! We just got some new moderators to help out and we want to get more traffic on the sub! We also do Song of the Week, including a Bi-Weekly Bi-Side and Album of the Week. We've been running through the releases for a while and this Monday is The Rising!
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