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  1. I love Hitch Hiking and nobody will make me change my mind. I feel it like a catharcic meditation. It is healing for me whenever I listen to it. Undoubtedly everyone can express their opinion but ... I invite anyone who disagrees with me to meet with me tomorrow at noon for a fight in the mud.
  2. As soon as I finish my last exam today I will see the last episode of Max responding. It's on YouTube too, I see it from there. I look forward to seeing what he says about ElNe
  3. Hello Friend. Welcome. How is everything?
  4. A question from old Europe to friends across the pond: How are you living these days (and nights) of protests? What comes to me from social networks and television makes it seem that the American Land is plunged in a civil war, but I wonder if from there you have the same feeling.
  5. Yesterday I was until 3 in the morning watching the concert and now I am so tired that I cannot study. I send this message because, as I said, I cannot study and I end up opening new tabs in the browser. But ... American Land gave me life yesterday!
  6. Very late here. I should be in my bed, but im having hard rock punk irish american music and waiting to Bruce
  7. Anyone know where this can be seen? Nothing better to rest a little from the exhausting exams than to see Bruce rockin┬┤ after a long time.
  8. A pity that people have no respect and can not remain in a medium silence for 7 min
  9. Very excited about this. Although I can hardly see how they coordinate playing remotely
  10. Do not feel guilty, but that you have reminded me that will lead me to empty a small bottle of liquor. Alcoholic at my age. It will look nice to you
  11. I would settle for Bruce being able to continue taking a little run, jump a little in DITD, club the guitar in Shout (although I'm a little tired of that concert closing) and ... Is it too much to ask to be carried away by the crowd? Come on, it's just lying down ...
  12. https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/799846057 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/787742251 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/805723123 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/804495436 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/787628725 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/806685208 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/787630018 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/804357403 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/787628926 https://jukebox.openai.com/songs/787628926 I think this is how decent Bruce can get. The last one is potentially good.
  13. I have seen a news story where they talked about an Artificial Intelligence that has created new songs by artists based on the ones they have already composed. I went in and saw that Bruce appeared on the list. The songs are like outtakes. There are also many more artists. The truth is that some things about "Bruce" are interesting. The lyrics are pathetic, a seedy mix of things already written. Well, I leave you with this curious and terrifying thing. https://jukebox.openai.com/?song=799846057
  14. And he fell off the piano in one of his most ridiculous (if not the most) moments of his musical career. I think he was in a very low physical state, when he was fatter on Broadway. So no, it doesn't count that day!