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  1. This does not contribute much, but Youngstown and The Ghost of Tom Joad seem so similar to me musically that I would suffer a lot in instrumental versions without lyrics to recognize them.
  2. Just one fact: the fucking Ron has disappeared since SVZ depressed us.
  3. Ron's production at WS is wonderful. He gives just what he needs to the songs and is so rich and majestic that I can only congratulate Ron. But in Wrecking Ball I hate his work on songs like "Death to my hometown," which is so powerful live and so bland on the album with those computer sounds instead of Max's punches. In High Hopes I really like his work but it is also a very saturated production. Ron has yet to prove his worth for an E Street record.
  4. I have been somewhat reassured by LSVZ messages. If he says that there is still nothing discarded, he would put us a little on the less pessimistic assumptions and make me think that at least there is not a big health problem or something. On the radio I had seemed to understand something much more dramatic and concrete, as if he were holding back to give very bad news. Maybe my fear and imagination has been more hysterical than real. We pray for that and for many years of health on E Street.
  5. I think this sums it up a bit: https://eu.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/02/12/bruce-springsteen-and-e-street-band-no-tour-2020/4740249002/ If in the end there is no tour this year, I will look very hurt, really. I was one of those who thought we could expect an album in May and tour relatively close. This was relatively confirmed by the photos of Aniello and some interviews of Bruce that implied that he could be on the road at some point in 2020. Anyway, I do not understand the different information we have. These are my theories: 1) The album began to be recorded with the idea of touring but has stopped for something unexpected. If it has not stopped, your recording may have split or slowed down. 2) They are recording the album slowly and Bruce has not warned the band if there will be a tour. Maybe for his mother or something else. 3) Bruce has seen that the material is not as strong as he thought and has stopped the engines. This is unrpobable by Ron's photos and because ... It would be weird. 3) That they have never been recording the album and Ron's are samples of something else like outtakes or anything else. If it were like that, Ron Aniello, you can't play with the fans. Based on this, I would say that the most likely are 1 and 2. Because I think we can confirm that an E Street album started recording or is in it (the dates on which Ron started uploading photos, the drum set of Max, Charlie ... I repeat, if this is not real Ron must escape to Mexico because of the fury of E Street fans) and that the initial idea was to go on tour sometime this year. Option 1 and 2 leave us with an uncertain picture in which we do not know if there will be an album without a tour or if there are health problems in the E Street world. Partly because of selfishness (I want to see the band a third time and the years go by quickly) and in large part because of concern about whether something bad happens, the truth is that now I feel depressed.
  6. No doubt, friend. As a Leonard fan since I heard "Everyboody knows" in my father's car and I was trapped by the atmosphere of the song, I can only prove you right. For example, I adore the way in which his dying voice and music intermingle in his post-album. There is no more to listen to "The Night of Santiago" (based on the poem of my dear Lorca "The Married Unfaithful" whom I name as good Spanish and lover of poetry).
  7. The mixture of both is fundamental. Anyway, considering that the music is focused on chords, tempo etc., I think the melody goes first, which introduces you to the lyrics. First I fell in love with Jungleland, then I read its lyrics. Although there are exceptions. Leonard Cohen's lyrics always meant more to me than his melodies.
  8. That was exactly what I was thinking. Much of the composition is to create based on something created. If Bruce makes a good song based on that, it would be great for me. But let's face it, Ron will never produce the clean sound of an electric guitar without first putting in between loops and strange computer sounds
  9. I don't know, it also seems like a familiar sound to me. Something Joe Bonamassa could play with his guitar
  10. I'm not a big win of Gran Day and its punk pop. If I want punk, I usually listen to The Clash. Despite that, a friend is a big fan and that leads me to pay some attention. I like his latest album (Father of All Motherfuckers), perhaps because it is a record with classic rock sounds and lighter catchy melodies. For me these are the most outstanding songs:
  11. I don't know much about guitars, but after researching it looks like a Gretsch G6136T, or something very similar. On YouTube it sounds like this:
  12. It would be beautiful to have an energetic and happy album. I love Bruce's angry music (and seeing him with that rage on stage), but I think a more luminous album would fit better with his current state of relative peace (which to forget the news would be very good). Oh, and with a song like Rosalita. Rosalita 2.0? It's just an idea...
  13. Ok, thank you all for the response and the warm welcome. I just wanted to know that there was a new stowaway on the ship. As this has already been seen, I am satisfied.
  14. Where can I create a thread to introduce myself as new to the Lake? I do not want to screw up and create it where it is not or saturate with this the poor forum of the album and tour 2020 (which then someone sees activity and gets excited about what is not). Thanks in advance.