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  1. I love this song and I absolutely agree with that. Human Touch's mistake is the song selection, there Bruce skidded. But are undoubtedly the fantastic songs of that time of the beginning of the 90s.
  2. Not all was in vain, the title of this thread has reminded me of Boardwalk Empire, which I finished watching recently. And it is a pleasant memory.
  3. At first I thought I was missing something, but that file or link I think doesn't really work.
  4. Mark for some things is a very strange guy. As with the relationship with his brother. In short, each one in his house and God in everyone's (this is a Spanish proverb, I have no idea if it translates that way or not).
  5. This is random, but Green Day. I would love to see him with Mark Knopfler too, it's so weird that they never met in the stage.
  6. After an amazing and beatiful words, now he is playing Leonard Cohen: "In my secret life". Im very happy.
  7. I'm listening to it perfectly right now without registering or anything at this link: https://player.siriusxm.com/home/foryou If it asks me to register, I just hit the X in the popup and I can listen.
  8. This is without a doubt my favorite version. The passion of the live show and his voice for this song on this show is the one that best reflects his spirit for me.
  9. I love this one, it sounds a bit like High Hopes to me
  10. Personally, I always liked Outlaw Pete a lot. I suppose this taste is influenced by my predilection for western imagery, if it were not so, perhaps I could not bear it. I think for the live show it is a fantastic song, as someone has already mentioned, in Hyde Park 2009 you see how it electrifies the audience. It won't happen, but I would love to see it live sometime in the future.
  11. This was a bit of misleading advertising. You got me excited about the idea of new music
  12. Oh, I hope this is the music that greets me when I get to heaven (well, in the event they let me in)
  13. I have never been too interested in the concerts of the BITUSA era (I'm one of those silly people who are not very fond of Dancing in the dark), but I really enjoyed this one.
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