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  1. With all of the Backstreets tweets, I'm feeling this right here.
  2. I picked one up for my daughter last year on Ebay. Granted it's a reprint and not vintage 1988, however the quality is darn good. The fabric is also thicker than the tissue paper shirts you find at actual concert merch stations.
  3. Also has the prisoner from Adam Raised a Cain. I think we have a winner.
  4. Next clue from Backstreets: "This Just In: The Live Archive release for March will drop next Friday the 12th. We'll see you there along with the acrobat, the diplomat and the prisoner." 1973 show? Mary Queen of Arkansas has the acrobat. Blinded by the Light has the diplomat.
  5. For those interested, the FLAC-HD version weighs in at 5.15 GB.
  6. If it is dark out (Darkness) you do not need sunglasses.
  7. "leave your sunglasses at home" It's a Darkness tour show.
  8. For those wondering, the HD-FLAC download weighs in at a whopping 6.93GB. That probably explains the $24.95 price tag. (7/9/81 is 5.72GB) I remember buying a 10GB drive in 2000 for $100 from CompUSA. This release would have consumed 70% of that drive.
  9. Well, this was underwhelming. Hard pass on this one and I saved $20 today.
  10. So they flipped the cassette playback switch from "Normal Bias" to "High Bias" for the remix?
  11. What a shitshow. That had to be a miserable Pit experience for others.
  12. Right click on the image and "Save image as". That will download the file to your computer.
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