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  1. No Surrender. I forgot how much I liked this one
  2. I can't wait until the next tour because I haven't had the opportunity to see a show yet. I have heard amazing things, and if there's an ESB tour in 2021 you betcha I'm gonna be there.
  3. So Young and in Love. Man it has so much energy. If you hadn't noticed I enjoy tracks...
  4. 1. Am not familiar! Introduce me ? 2. Longer the better! 3. I've been working real hard tryin' to get my hands clean... 4. Either Seaside Bar Song or Iceman, I'm split. But damn there's some good ones in Tracks. (Personally I prefer 'Mary Queen of Arkansas' and 'Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?' from Tracks rather than the Greetings album ones.)
  5. Luckily for me my dad’s a Springsteen fan- we constantly have the car on E Street Radio.
  6. There’s a surprising amount of Jersey plates here. And thank you! I certainly will! You are all so nice
  7. I am not but I love to learn.
  8. I remember the first time I heard it vividly. Less than a year ago! There was this immense passion I'd never felt in music before, like emotions being crafted into music. I could feel it through the vocals and the instruments, a story trying to be thrown out into the world.
  9. Just like the other guy that said he's new, I am too. Been browsing this place for a while and finally decided to make an account. Growing up today it gets a 'lil lonely sometimes in sunny California talking Bruce. Started with BTR about a year ago and been discovering ever since- I'm less experienced than all of you with this world, but hopefully it gives a little faith that there's a new generation of us. A little about me- I fly planes, plan to fly in the Air Force, and am originally from the great state of New Jersey! I'll see you all around.