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  1. One of my favourite 2014 shows. Never understood what was supposed to be that bad about his voice. Glad I bought the complete tour as soon as it was offered on springsteen.net
  2. This band of over 70 year olds is still better than most of the youngsters, real Rock and roll Bands are a dying breed anyway, so i'm happy to see them on stage again!
  3. Hi! Regular Nugs-Releases are pressed on CDR, the are not factory-pressed silver Discs. There were limited Edition factory pressed CDs of Milano ans Metlife 2016 in the past.
  4. Oh yes them funny roll calls that never seemed to really work. I think I had something in the 20s one time. And no matter in which country i've been to a show you had at least one guy moaning about the roll call working everywhere bust just not here.
  5. You can never have enough '78 shows. If they would release a complete 1978 Box like the 1966 Dylan Box I'd be the first to buy it!
  6. What does a "single release" these days mean anyway? Would love a good old physical release with off-LP-Track B-Side!!!
  7. https://t.co/vJ8GcZswOq Haven't watched it completely yet, but that would be a nice start for bonus material featured in a BITUSA Box.
  8. I also hoped for something "big", either way the BITUSA-Box or Tracks 2 (hopefully containing filmed material this time. But maybe if they hurry to get the new album out and if the once leaked contract details are not a fake there's another 6 months to get a box set out for christmas. What ifs, Maybes and Might-have-beens, soft petals on a breeze, What ifs, Maybes and Might-have-beens, Why-nots, Perhaps and Wait-and-sees (Ian Anderson)
  9. In Frankfurt 2009 during "Spirit in the Night" Bruce sang into someone's phone - and then just threw it into the audience! I loved it, because a couple of dozens of those damn phones held up high often blocked my view on the stage. But I guess the owner of the phone wasn't that happy...
  10. Yes, "Soul Driver" is beautiful". Also it is a good choice for a '92 show with lesser played songs like Driver, Gloria's Eyes and Big Muddy. 1992 shows sounded (and felt) a liitle different compared to 1993. I hope there are more shows from that era to follow. Hard to imagine now, but by the time I thought "Enough 'Cover me' for now", because from 1984 through 1992 that song was played at every show on every tour. Thought it needed a rest. But I remember an old backstreets article of 1984 where there was talk about "Jungleland" needing a rest for it was played on every show of every tour 1975-1984. Couldn't imagine a Springsteen Show without that one, then a few decades later I got uede to hear it once in a while.
  11. Well, in fact it is not Bruce singing the vocals. It is Bob Dylan, who tried to sound like Elvis Presley. But Nils had already instructed his record company (at the time run by the new jersian lodge of the Freemasons) to print record sleeves saying it is Bruce. Bob wanted to set clear in an appearance on the David Letterman Show that in fact he is singing on the track. But in the last minute he was hypnotized by a secret organisation controlled by Bill Gates and forgot about it. Rumours say that the real Elvis, who at the time lived in Jon Landau`s basement, freaked out about Bob trying to sound like him, but decided to let everybody think he is dead. And how does Scientology fit into all this? I have no idea, but of course it is Bruce singing on "Valentine", no doubt
  12. As as he doesn't show up in a Taylor Swift-T-Shirt it's okay...
  13. There's literally tons of books about Bruce AND the E Street Band. Of course Stevie will write about E Street stories, but in an autobiography by him I like to find out more about the artist (and a great artist!) fomerly and again known as Little Steven!
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