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  1. I wanna be where the bands are and that is the E Street Band with proper instruments. I'd take the Sessions Band as well. With real instruments. Or just Bruce with real instruments.
  2. I have been reading again Rocking the Wall: The Berlin Concert That Changed the World by Erik Kitschbaum. It details the concert in East Berlin by Bruce and the E Street Band in the summer of 1988 that in some small way may have had a part in bringing down the Wall and ending dictatorship and bringing freedom of speech. Let us not forget that autocracy and censorship is not unknown. Even today.
  3. Waiting for a new Bruce album is the closest I get now to the stomach fluttering anticipation of Christmas as a child. The first sight of it on a shop shelf or the plop of it on the doormat. The fumbling undoing of the too tight shrink wrap. Then the first insertion into the machine and following the lyrics in the booklet as the music plays. Then the replaying of my immediate favourites. Finally putting the CD in its place in my collection and standing back to see how that collection has expanded. My love for some albums may fade but forever they'll stay (in my collection).
  4. There is Radio Nowhere. If the lyrics are taken literally then the cry "is there anybody alive out there?" is truly terrifying.
  5. Sounds atmospheric. Dare we hope for a Jersey Shore inspired album?
  6. But what wonderful stories they all are. I think Bruce would make a top notch short story writer. One could have a whole book of of adventures for The New Timer alone.
  7. I am really admiring those who put the effort in to use full song titles. I have to admit I couldn't be arsed when I did mine
  8. Greetings - Flood, Saint in the City, Blinded TWIESS - Incident, Sandy, Rosalita BTR- Jungleland-, Thunder Road, Meeting Darkness-. Badlands, Candy's Room, Racing River - Independence, Price, Sherry Darling Nebraska - Highway Patrolman, Atlantic City, Mansion BITUSA - My Hometown, DITD, BITUSA TOL - Brilliant, Tougher, Tunnel HT - I Wish I was Blind, Human, 57 Channels LT - Better Days, Souls, Lucky Town GOTJ - Across the Border, The Line, New Timer D and D - Long Time Comin' D and D, Reno Rising - The Rising, My City of a Ruins, Missing Magic - Long Walk, LITF, Girls WOAD - Outlaw, The Wrestler ( if permitted), Kingdom WB-. LOHAD, Wrecking Ball, Easy Money HH- GOTJ, The Wall, American Skin WS- Moonlight, Chasin' Wild (H)orses, Western Stars
  9. Frankie Fell in Love is a fun song. But so corny. I think Bruce intended that. But what if this was the only song that some benighted person who had never heard Bruce listened too? Shudder. And Hunter of Invisible Game is Bruce's best post apocalyptic song.
  10. Just googled her. She was the first Saint to be born in the Americas. But not Born in the USA. Little Rose...maybe.
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