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  1. I've never thought of the Rat's death as a honey trap. I suppose it all depends on what his own dreams are.
  2. A Good Man is Hard to Find. Not so much unappreciated but overlooked. Another Vietnam War song and proof that there is no bad song on that theme from Bruce. I cannot work out if the woman is a widow or the abandoned wife from the later Brothers Under the Bridge. Either way the imagery of her sitting in the light of the Christmas tree is wonderful.
  3. In Britain the government has listed legitimate reasons why people do not have to wear a mask in a shop in England. One of them is being on the autism spectrum. I have a friend who has a 30 year old son who has moderate to severe ASD. He does not wear a mask, though he has tried, because of the great distress it causes him. He enjoys his trips with his mum to the shops especially since his day services are closed. Yesterday afternoon his mum left him to browse the sweets aisle to pop back to get the bananas she had forgotten. When she got back he was being berated by an indignant woman saying he should be wearing a mask. He did not know why this woman was angry with him. He had a meltdown. Three years ago he was mugged. He did not want to leave the house for six months as he lost confidence and trust in people. His mum was in tears on the phone to me worrying this will happen again. All due to one ignorant, inconsiderate woman who didn't stop to think about the consequences of her actions. Sorry about sidetracking the thread but I needed to unload a bit. Thinking about this young man's distress. A young man who I baby sat and wouldn't hurt anyone or anything.
  4. Welcome Stefan. Never to late to be a Bruce fan. I'm kind of jealous. All that back catalogue to discover.
  5. I'm just glad Bruce mentions my name in a song.
  6. Shut Out the Light is possibly the first song about PTSD and would have been my favourite song on BITUSA if included. But I do love Nils' singing at the end of Janey. Bruce saying in effect "you're part of the band now".
  7. To most people in the world toilets are a a necessity. To us Brits bodily functions are the basis of our culture. We will announce to everybody " I'm off for a slash", without concern.
  8. Don't worry, if Nils is with Neil there is always Tom Morello.
  9. When Nils says as good as they've done before does he mean since he joined the band? If it as good as Magic I would be more than happy.
  10. Welcome Geezer. Say hello to the Gals in Buffalo for me.
  11. Bad luck Heidenheim. They came so close. It is so difficult for 2 Bundesliga side to win the promotion playoff.