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  1. I hope that they also taped the LA84 stand on multi-track. Good sounding bootlegs from that stand but a archive release would be great!
  2. If true, I hope one from LA 84 (if any of them are on multi track tapes)
  3. Listened to your work a few times now. AMAZING
  4. @Buddhabone Can you hook me up aswell please? Thanks in advance
  5. The way I reed his tweet: we have mixed more shows ready to go but the people who want cds gives us more work. (production schedule) I assume the shows from later tours are already digital. The older shows need to be transfered from analog tapes. So a show like Gothenburg 2012 is much less work then the latest show.
  6. One of the few bootlegs I still listen to after all those archive releases.
  7. Maybe off topic but somebody knows how many copies are sold from each archive release?
  8. If only half of those shows would be released
  9. And the best shows are?? I understand that the Vets show is #1 but after that......
  10. That’s personal. What songs do you like that are not the regular songs from the tour? I wouldn’t mind 1st LA, Cleveland or East Rutherford when I just look at the setlist
  11. My pick for next release 2005-10-04 Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ IDIOT'S DELIGHT / LIVING PROOF / DEVILS & DUST / THE TIES THAT BIND / LONG TIME COMIN' / SILVER PALOMINO / BE TRUE / TOUGHER THAN THE REST / AIN'T GOT YOU / ALL THE WAY HOME / ONE STEP UP / RENO / ATLANTIC CITY / LOST IN THE FLOOD / THE RISING / LUCKY TOWN / JESUS WAS AN ONLY SON / TWO HEARTS / GALVESTON BAY / MATAMOROS BANKS / I WANNA MARRY YOU / 4TH OF JULY, ASBURY PARK (SANDY) / THE PROMISED LAND / DREAM BABY DREAM A benefit show, with all proceeds donated to the Jersey Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross. Bruce returns to the stage after a seven week break. First outing for "Idiot's Delight", co-written with Joe Grushecky, and also tour premieres for "I Wanna Marry You", "Atlantic City", and "The Ties That Bind", in a rearranged version. Piano songs are "Tougher Than The Rest", "Atlantic City", "Lost In The Flood", and "Jesus Was An Only Son". "Idiot's Delight" is with the bullet mic. "Living Proof" and "Dream Baby Dream" are on pump organ. "Be True" and "4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" are on electric piano. "I Wanna Marry You" is on ukulele. "Reason To Believe" and "The Hitter" are each dropped for the first time on the tour. Last D&D release was 14 months ago
  12. 1978/09/19 Passaic 1984/08/20 East Rutherford 1988/07/03 Stockholm 2012/07/28 Gothenburg 2017/09/07 Philadelphia
  13. Hi all, New here! Fan since Born in the USA and I have been listening to bootlegs for 20+ years. Am I the only one thinking those great bootlegs sound average at best compared to the archive stuff? What bootlegs do you still listen to? I still listen to: Main Point 75 Lansing 76 Boston 77 final show Kansas City 84 Brixton 96 I assume some shows are missing so any advice is appreciated!