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  1. if he is that good....why isnt anyone else in the market?
  2. England lost to the Oirish............
  3. And that song, would be in my all time top rightly indicated a total masterpiece. of which the New Timer is the standout moment
  4. some of his greatest lyrics are on the trilogy,,, Long Time Comin'...springs to mind.
  5. deal back on
  6. Hatred scales 1. Scousers - top of the list 2. Scots Nationalists 3. Geordies 4. Leeds Scum 5. Citeh
  7. Would prefer United to go for Jimenez, proper striker and gaurantee of 20 plus a season. Isnt his best position wide right? Dont see how he fits into the way Ole wants to play, he's ditched the dreadful James, and he's hardly been missed.
  8. i think they have looked at the long term prospects - and the fact that you will never play champions league...
  9. followed by The Promised Land...its always a 1-2, critique of his nation, followed by the repair job......its deliberate