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  1. Not so sure 17th October is the official release/anniversary date, for a start albums in the UK were released on Monday's up till recently, albums in USA i thought were released on Tuesday's but that may have changed.
  2. life affirming.......Grammy's written all over it. Magnificent.
  3. You think he will stop writing? I dont...whether they get released is another matter
  4. So much comedy value in that......What a shower of a club United have become. On and off the pitch they are nothing short of a disgrace. You could sack 6/7 players off out of that starting line up, but nothing will ever change. Shaw will still be fat, Pogba will give the ball away, Rashford will do fuck all, and Lindelof and the Clown in goal will contribute to defeat in their own inimitable style. Impossible for United to challenge with this board, these owners.
  5. United are not interested in anybody....an agent makes a call to Ole, Ole takes it to the board, and the the board tell him where to go.
  6. I like the fact it didnt get on. I can then extol the virtues of his greatness to anyone who wants to listen, that this is how brilliant he is, that it didnt make the Darkness Cut.
  7. Id have said WOAD, but either way, imo its not great
  8. Yeah, descended rapidly downwards, such an exciting band on the first 2 albums, but now treading water im afraid.
  9. talk? not sure he has anything to say. he could have said to his bosses, thanks but I would like to ply my trade elsewhere for my last few seasons, but something has rattled him. No player is ever bigger than a club.
  10. absolute dross, i hate these type of covers, when some its just an acoustic guitar and vocal, and its passed off as something of wonder. It isnt, its dreadful, even worse than those Amy Macdonald efforts. Garbage, utter garbage.
  11. Messi has nothing left to prove, he could of course still stay, and see it out, I guess there will be a new President and a new manager by the end of the season that maybe more to his liking.
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