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  1. who gives a fuck about Man Utd, read one of my earlier posts thicko, Ive been in SJP when there were 14k in the place. You were small time then and you are still fucking small time. Biggest bunch of saddo's in football, no doubt your relentless fucking moaning fans will start as soon as you've lost your first game.
  2. Oh there's the excuse then...that one will go down well covering up the Human Rights records of your new you know Roy if its true that they are thinking of banning women from SJP? Or is that just a rumour? You enjoy the ride Roy, next time you score, hopefully you will spare a thought for a Gay Man that has probably been put to death at the same time.
  3. What a load of fucking bollocks. Austerity? FFS, like St James isnt always full? Not always the case, Ive been there when there was only 14 k in the place, when the so called Toon Army had fucked off and deserted the club. Football at premiership level is immune from Austerity. Austerity has fuck all to do with Astley and its fuck all to do with Stavely and this disgusting lot. Cant wait to see the reaction from the down to earth people of Newcastle when Bruce is inevitably sacked ( a far more decent person than Benitez ever was). Cant wait for you to defend that one. Your getting what you deserve, and at a time when Football really didnt seem to matter, we have this to remind us of the fucking parasites, the Premiership Scum, the fucking thieves, fuck off and burn in hell.
  4. Like anyone in Noo 'astle.....actually knows where Saudia Arabia is..... Filthy people, utter scum as far as Human Rights are concerned, and perhaps Football shouldnt be the judge and jury, but a real sense of so deserving of each other.