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  1. All they can say is releases are determined by the artist (Jimmy Buffett and Santana both started on nugs last year - Santana’s been REALLY slow on releases: one festival concert, one concert from the tour with Doobie Brothers, one Vegas concert and a few titles streaming only)
  2. Anyone think they’re maybe not allowed to disclose what’s going on with this month’s release?. It’s July 20 and we’ve gotten no news - we should’ve at the beginning of the month.
  3. I wonder why they’re being so quiet about it. Maybe some reason they can’t disclose.
  4. Who knows. I messaged back asking about an expected date but who knows what I’ll get if anything.
  5. When it was first rolled out in December we still got a Christmas Eve release.
  6. What’s going on with the silence for July?
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