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  1. Do we have any idea about how much of ‘92 was recorded.
  2. I think that’ll be “soon”. Couldn’t tell you how soon but given last May’s release was a River show if we do get one this year it’s not too far.
  3. Too bad Springsteen isn’t as frequent as Jimmy Buffett. There’s been new Jimmy Buffett on nugs pretty regularly lately.
  4. I think now that’s only a thing if it’s NOT the first Friday when the archive release comes out. February and April both came out on the first Friday and those weren’t teased and if May isn’t getting teased that means it’s coming out as scheduled
  5. The standard appears to be one a year. August 2018-July 2019-May 2020-seems very likely within the next few months. I think the most likely ones for May are. River-Born in the USA-Other Band-Rising (if possible)-Devils and Dust-Seeger.
  6. This is the longest time to date between two tours.
  7. Do we know for sure which shows in addition to that London were recorded.
  8. You used to be there too. What happened?
  9. It seems to have gone kerfufel completely.
  10. RATM is back so there’s no way Tom morello would return
  11. Do we know for sure if August 2019 was one where bridge school was not what it was supposed to be. Or if it took longer to get signed off on.
  12. The one this February was released on the first Friday and that one was hintless right?
  13. My picks 1992 (after meadowlands prior to the election) November 12, 2002 if they can get it - the speech he gave at the beginning. 2005 - May or October. 2006 - June.
  14. We have a Europe 2005 show. the only run untouched is April 25 Detroit-May 20 Boston.
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