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  1. Unless July-August is repeated. July 23, August 6. October 22, November 5.
  2. Or will the October release finally arrive? This was how it felt in July wasn’t it?
  3. I’d totally support the release of August 2, 2008.
  4. 70% 2008. 30% 2003. Have you thought that maybe “Crossing our fingers” could include 2002-03.
  5. We don’t even know for sure if 2003 was recorded do we?
  6. No it isn’t. I checked the apple store and it said 11/19.
  7. Jimmy Buffett Joan Jett and Santana are on nugs too.
  8. You know who’s really slowed down at Nugs camp is Santana.
  9. Yes. When the Western Stars studio album was coming out nothing was delayed.
  10. I wonder if the later time will be the new normal. Remember the SiriusXM concerts aren’t all at the same times daily anymore b
  11. Nor anything saying the next archive will drop ______________. Etc. etc. etc. etc. all that jazz that they say.
  12. In July the 1985 concert was FOUR weeks late and then Fenway ‘12 was two weeks later.
  13. When will they do Multiple at one time. They have everything from that era so I don’t know why they wouldn’t.
  14. What I want to know is why they don’t do more than one of those at one time - they have it all.
  15. The 2006 London concert was delayed and that was unspecified. Giants stadium ‘85 was also delayed - that was the one when we were worried it was cancelled.
  16. What part is “cooking”? the show is already recorded. There’s been at least one delay that wasn’t tape (June 2020 for sure but it wasn’t for production reasons, August 2020 was delayed too but it wasn’t specified - it was right before the Letter to you announcement so maybe had to do with production of Letter to You). March 2021 was unspecified and we got June 2000.
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