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  1. How is it that we have one 2007 and three 2008? So unequal.
  2. Whatever’s going on we should know. It can’t be No Nukes related. It’s just so not them to just not release anything and not say “production delays” or “intentional delay” or anything else that’s caused delays.
  3. Whatever’s going on it appears mum is the word. What could be going on?
  4. Also everyone if no release comes and we get no explanation.
  5. That was 8 months ago so I bet another one won’t be far away.
  6. There were delays in June & July and we got old ones.
  7. So no release today? Must be production issues.
  8. That’s about when Tower 2005 arrived. I got the email about 75 minutes later.
  9. I wonder if the evening time like last month is how it’ll be. If not that maybe this one has some production needs.
  10. At the time of the release of the studio album western stars there were no delays. The album was announced/Hello Sunshine was released last week of April. The album was released June 14. May 3 & June 7 releases were as scheduled. in the fall of ‘19 when songs from the film was released only the October release was delayed due to the launch of Songs from the Film. Bridge school ‘86 was released a week late in August ‘19- that was probably because of extra approval being needed. Probably why the non tour appearances are minimal (those often seem to have a lot of steps required before release). June 2020 was a week late because the industry as a whole took the week off. August, September & October 2020 were all delayed - never officially said (some probably had to do with LTY release) January this year was probably because of not wanting New Year’s Day to be release day. The March delay happened without explanation - probably timing with the 20th anniversary of the LINYC (we got 6/27/00 - source material for that album). June was unexplained - didn’t have to do with the track with The Killers. All they said when they said it’d be delayed was it was still on the way. Maybe a delay in work time - spike in cases at the CD plant July was not explained. Probably Broadway. Probably preparation for No Nukes (that’s around when they went off nugs). Probably production needs (it was the show from August 1985). Came out the 23rd.
  11. no Nukes was announced last week - on Bruce’s birthday.
  12. Ok. What’s going on here. Everything’s quiet. It IS today right?
  13. I think the route they went for September may be the new normal. I bet it will be.
  14. I wonder if that release time will be the new normal?
  15. Yes. I’m aware of that I’m just talking about summer ‘08
  16. It’s about time for Magic. If not October probably November. USA ‘07 or else the final leg. It’s been four years since St. Louis ‘08 was released.
  17. Yay finally. Was it changed do you think because of the concert time change?
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