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  1. Would that be May 17 or November 9? May was when he made the Dunkin Donuts joke
  2. Some of the ones earlier had silence and came on time.
  3. If there’s no tweet does that mean it’s on time?
  4. Or else play an audio recording of Bruce’s hello from whatever show and go from there.
  5. If we’re going to do 2006 we need the North American tour. It was a short run and we have nothing from it (May 27-June 25).
  6. Do we know for sure what’s left for 1980-81? I know there’s some material from Live 1975-85.
  7. Do we know for sure what’s left? I think that one’s in the same boat as 1984-85.
  8. Yes. Those years you mention have tons available.
  9. Who knows? Are we sure it’s something from Fenway?
  10. 7 months. there was 10 between MetLife stadium and Gothenburg. 9 between Gothenburg and St. Paul.
  11. Since Wrecking Ball era is more current technology I want to know why they’ve not considered releasing three or four or five of those shows at once. Perhaps one each from April 2012, June 2012, November 2012, April 2013 & July 2013 all at once.
  12. I think the 2016 tour was approved before he even announced it.
  13. Never say never. Some of it probably is on the technical side.
  14. All they can say is releases are determined by the artist (Jimmy Buffett and Santana both started on nugs last year - Santana’s been REALLY slow on releases: one festival concert, one concert from the tour with Doobie Brothers, one Vegas concert and a few titles streaming only)
  15. Anyone think they’re maybe not allowed to disclose what’s going on with this month’s release?. It’s July 20 and we’ve gotten no news - we should’ve at the beginning of the month.
  16. I wonder why they’re being so quiet about it. Maybe some reason they can’t disclose.
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