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  1. No. It’s a message not on the subject of the status of the July archive.
  2. I messaged nugs to see if the release will be on time or delayed and here’s what I got
  3. I wonder if they have been hit by early production of whatever the new release is for fall (CD plant) and that’s what took so long. August and September last year we got Wembley 2006 & East Rutherford #2 1984 after delays - I’d imagine the beginning of pressings for Letter to You fell into that. I bet the next two will probably be D&D/Seeger. April and May last year were on time despite those being during a pretty much shutdown period - I wonder if multiple get done at once. Those shows were from 2012 & 1981.
  4. They’ve got a lot of unissued 2009 shows so what about releasing five maybe six at a time.
  5. Yes. If they did five 2007 or 2008 or 2009 or 2012 or 2013 shows at one time that’d be cool.
  6. I’m just saying one cause might be the guest aspect. Do we know of any other artists that used that system in 2002-04? We didn’t know that was the case with The Rising until it was shared the day that MSG #2 2009 was released. Do we know if that system was still a thing in 2004?
  7. I think that one was delayed because of needing to get approval given that it was part of something else - probably having to go through Neil Young to green light it. Probably why no Vote for Change show has arrived.
  8. I bet within three months we’ll get another 2006 show.
  9. I think there’s a chance it may be something that no one here or BTX said anything about wanting. Last August they were this late for production reasons and we got a 2006 show.
  10. Yes. We know it was taped quite heavily so I think that one has quite a bit yet to come (we got two last year)
  11. I think there’s quite a bit left of that tour.
  12. We had this long a delay in August and got a 2006 show. Did they mean what they said when they said minor production issue (wonder if it had to do with the start of vinyl and CD pressings for Letter to You)
  13. I contacted nugs and they said “anything is possible” as far as Barcelona goes - never say never. I wonder how they were able to release June 27 & July 1, 2000 knowing they used those shows for Live in New York City.
  14. We’ve had Fridays for four years now. They do have a semi set schedule for Springsteen releases. I wonder if we’ll get Springsteen and White Stripes a day apart.
  15. My other interpretation is another factor may be that we get something non-tour so some signing off may need to be done for something like that (when we got bridge school ‘86 it was delayed - probably because of some approval that needed to happen)
  16. What I want to know is why there wasn’t backstreets’s usual tweet.
  17. Are we sure that whatever this is is from the tape period? You know in the oven can also just be a fancy way of saying “on the way”.
  18. I wonder if it’ll be something like Tuesday or Wednesday.
  19. I messaged them to see what’s going on. So strange for them to be hush hush as to it coming today or not.
  20. Yes. August last year they did a better job.
  21. 2006 musicares person of the year (Springsteen was there - it just happens that they used to be label mates for decades) Part of a big family of guitar voice singers: brother Alex (1947-93), sister Kate, brother Livingston, ex wife Carly Simon, daughter Sally, son Ben. Joni Mitchell’s former boyfriend. Grammy winner this year for best traditional pop vocal album (previously nominated for his 2006 Christmas album but didn’t win). Last album of original material was released in 2015 and did REALLY well. songs include: Carolina in My Mind, Sweet Baby James, Steamroller, Country Road, Fire & Rain, You’ve got a friend, You Can Close Your Eyes, Don’t let me be lonely tonight, Walking Man, Mexico, Shower the People (which he sang at Obama’s inaugural concert), Your smiling face, Secret O’Life, Millworker, That Lonesome Road, That’s Why I’m Here, recorded cover of Buddy Holly’s Everyday in 1985, Never die young, Sun on the Moon, Copperline, Shed a Little Light, Line Em Up, Little More time with You, October Road, Raised Up Family, Today Today Today, You and I again. Sheryl Crow, Garth Brooks, Zac Brown all admire him.
  22. Maybe it’ll be late today. James Taylor always has a Friday surprise and last week his was a couple hours late.
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