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  1. My last show was Munich, 06/17/2016. I may have been to overall better Bruce-Shows over the years, but this one started with the 78-Intro Prove it, and that stands as my single favourite Bruce-experience.
  2. I am a bit confused...Wasn‘t that released just two or three months ago? http://m.live.brucespringsteen.net/bsmobile.asp#show?show=25402&year=1978
  3. "The hurricane blows, brings the hard rain" WB-Show with Jack of all trades, maybe?
  4. Marillion - Kayleigh Bob Dylan - Series of dreams Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the Band Bruce - Tougher than the Rest (1988 Live EP) Michael Chapman - Postcards from Scarborough Jackson Browne - Before the deluge (No Nukes) Liam Clancy - The broad majestic Shannon (Live Yellow Bittern) Dubliners (with Luke Kelly) - The town I loved so well Steve Goodman (or even better Liam Clancy) - The Dutchman Iain Matthews - Rains of 62 and so many more...
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