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  1. And it poured down on this year's anniversary too. I got soaked on my only ever visit to Sunderland for that show
  2. I can't remember any of mine either but usually it wasn't the lowest number that mattered as there was then a draw for the number at the front of the queue. I remember in Glendale getting a highish number (say 998) and the first number drawn was something not too far in front (about 960) so we were very high up the order.
  3. Daisey, but what about his mix up in the last verse of The Promise? He starts to sing "just like those guys do" [way up on the screen] but then just has a brain freeze and kinda mumbles "dead end bars" as he knows its not the right coupling.
  4. Fair enough and thanks for the assessments of all the Archive Series. I agree that Berkeley is below Piece De Resistance, as I think of 19/9/78, which was the first boot I ever got in about 1979. And as for The Promise, which is my favourite song ever, we still have to wait for the definitive reading which is a different '78 version. This take does have the superior lyrics in the final verse - "Daddy taught me how to walk quiet" etc, rather than "I won big once and hit the coast" as on most other released versions. But, I'd forgotten the mistake Bruce makes at the end "I followed that dream just like those guys.…the dead end bars". I think he got muddled over which version he wanted to sing.
  5. That one has one of the best "The Promise"s ever so not disappointed at all.
  6. I know this topic has kinda closed but I have just watched a stunning Channel 5 documentary "Mrs Thatcher Vs The Miners" and I highly recommend it to those with an interest.
  7. Listened to the Bruce story and a bit afterwards but had to turn it off as he is so up himself. Likeable? He makes Piers Morgan seem humble and self-deprecating. The opposite of Bruce and all the poorer for it.
  8. Agreed. An atypical Jon Landau production
  9. Last week : it is "still in the oven". Break out the oven gloves before it burns
  10. Pete Townshend guested on the penultimate European show, in Birmingham
  11. Yeah, it was a shit time and unfortunately we still live in Thatcher’s Britain. Society can never roll back her drive into selfishness and callousness and greed.
  12. To be fair Bruce couldn’t have been kept informed of everything that was happening in the UK as he was only there for a short while. Paul Weller knew about it and 50:50’d the money realised from a Red Wedge benefit between the miners’ fund and the taxi driver’s family.
  13. He promised a surprise or two in 2021 and none of us would have guessed this so it ticks the boxes. Shame it’s such a crap one.
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