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  1. Cheers, me too. And more impressive was the way he rose over the idiots who kept shouted out while he was singing.
  2. NYC because I was at those two magical shows. I was also at Hyde Park but the atmosphere in 2000, particularly July 1st, was unforgettable.
  3. I like TS but Bowling For Soup got her with this one.
  4. Bruce!!! I see him as part of the E Street Band. But if he's disqualified…. Danny. The textures he added fleshed out so many songs to make them part of the classic songbook we all love. Charlie is great but Danny was in another league. This was a weird one for me as I have always been a fan of guitars and, not really a fan of keyboards or keyboard-led bands (e.g. I don't like the Doors as their dominant instrument is Ray Manzarek's keyboard which fills in everywhere due a lack of a bass guitar). I didn't expect Danny to be my fave but on reflection he is.
  5. Fo me it's not so much 'what?', but 'when?' - we will all be interested whether it's an album, an album boxset or Tracks 2. Easter is early April so this prediction sounds about right. Fingers crossed.
  6. I did not know that. The thing I remember so well (apart from what a great show it was) is that Bruce made Stevie wear this
  7. My file is 380mb. As for your phone, I leave that between you and Tim Cook.
  8. I generally agree with this and - this seems odd coming from someone who generally wants more - if a few songs on The Rising had been cut (Let's Be Friends, Counting, Fuse) it would be even further out ahead as the best post-reunion album.
  9. I'm with Magnus as I love the two songs he mentions plus others where murder is committed e.g. Johnny 99 as well as Janey. His writing includes many people who do bad deeds. No one on this topic (I think) who objects to Janey has mentioned Working On The Highway/Child Bride. Now that protagonist is seriously bad yet no-one is citing Bruce's bad taste there; after all it is a fictional viewpoint.
  10. But all of us must have not rated a particular song but seeing it live has transformed it in our minds to a brilliant song. I've got multiple examples over the year: Stolen Car in 1981, Blood Brothers in 2000 and We Are Alive in 2013 being three. Don't write off Rainmaker or any other just yet.
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