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  1. 2 new: Ghosts, Janey Needs A Shooter (Kinda new) 2 old: The Fever, Frankie 22B retired: Waiting' On A Sunny Day, all the encore songs - the called-for encore shake up is essential
  2. I can understand that those saying they won't be able to listen to the songs again but the intrinsic art will still be there in the songs. The art may be diminished in people's eyes (ears) if an individual song gets ludicrously extensive exposure through an advert - I can relate to this, most notably when Nickelback licensed 'Rockstar' to DFS and it was played to death over footage of hideously perfect families posing next to sofas, and for me this ruined the inherent listening pleasure. But that said, I reiterate that the art will still be art
  3. I was thinking of these two: I'll See You In My Dreams (9/11 20 Years Later America Remembers) Land Of Hope And Dreams President Biden's Inauguration The voice wobbles all over the place and I don't think its always deliberate.
  4. Thanks for posting. It has made me so much more positive as his voice sounds great, unlike the other two recent performances. I was worried that the power of the voice had gone but it is intact. Hallelujah!
  5. It's a difficult one. From hearing Bruce's voice at recent one-off events, I'm not sure he could carry a rock show. The best hope for a great album may be one where he embraces the Johnny Cash American Recordings approach.
  6. Waitin' On A Sunny Day - when I'm at a show and I hear that start. I cry " Oh, F no!"
  7. I think Elvis Costello had the most mature response to this: "It's how rock and roll works. You take the broken pieces of another thrill and make a brand new toy." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57650176
  8. I want to be positive but I agree that the likelihood is that shows will be limited to the USA. As a UK person I'm still thinking that I may have seen Bruce for the last time - I'm happy to cross the pond again, or go to other European sites, but the different countries' vaccination proofs is likely to be a massive problem.
  9. The interesting thing about this message from Nugs is that they are sensitive to customer criticism about irregular releases and are distancing themselves from the approval mechanism. [In effect, "It's not our fault it's Bruce's!"] Sounds like they are as frustrated with Bruce Inc. as some of us are.
  10. I agree this is the logical tracklist - and I hope without linking chat between the songs as it would disrupt flow. Rosalita has to be from night 1. Otherwise Lynn Goldfishbowl would sue for royalties!
  11. I remember seeing it at the cinema (that word shows that it was a long time ago) and was the first time I heard the bruuuucing being discussed - "why are they booing?"
  12. Although very happy to get this, am I the only one seeing one negative: probably means no BIUSA box this Christmas.
  13. Version 6: Blu-Ray / DVD combined with audio cd's, bonus dvd / Blu Ray with extra footage and a coffee table book with an essay about the shows and unreleased pictures. And a CAKE!
  14. This No Surrender is fantastic and I've always thought the acoustic version far superior to the electric - I've seen him do the electric version more than 20 times but never the acoustic I'm not complaining though as I've attended a lot of shows and got 99% of my bucket list songs. Acoustic closing numbers that stand out for me are the 2013 Irish This Hard Land citied by Buddhabone and If I Should Fall Behind from Leeds also in 2013. The singing here is so powerful that even the drunken idiots shouting "we love you Bruce" etc, couldn't hide the beauty of the performance.
  15. I think that performance of Drift Away is one of the greatest things ever done. You were truly blessed.
  16. It's crap. As soon as Berkeley was released, Nugs had a target date for the next one. It's the same for any monthly issue. Monthly magazines don't just say "we're still working on it" when the deadline is reached. But whether it is Nugs or Landau and co, I don't know.
  17. Born To Run. I don't think I've seen any other artist starting a show with their signature tune. This made a jaw-dropping from the first note
  18. Please excuse my stupid question but what is the difference between what is available and what is sold out? "Collectible CD box sets containing 24 standard CDs are NOW AVAILABLE.(Limited Edition factory-pressed CD box sets are SOLD OUT.)"
  19. I agree this does seem like a possibility something UK specific. I can't see any reason why he would launch a boxset or other product from London.
  20. That's a great story and sums up the sacrifices our non-fanatical loved ones make for our addiction. I had tickets for the 3rd and 4th but couldn't go on Independence Day so swapped that one for the 6th. I was a bit disappointed as those two shows had almost identical setlists and I missed the variation that I got in my first (1981) three shows and with 28-30 songs there was room for change. However, I knew there was no-one to touch Bruce live and I'd be going to multiple dates on the next tour. Blazing hot days and in my queue (more like a mob) around the entrance gates on one of the days we were listening to a very unclear soundcheck and someone said they were rehearsing Murder Incorporated and there was general excitement, but not from me as at that point I'd never heard the song and the sound was so muffled I couldn't really make it out.
  21. Really want this box but I'm scared that he will 'finish off' songs with his 2020-21 voice. Although it worked for Letter To You, it won't work for the 1982-84 material.
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