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  1. Am I the only one to be disappointed at the new album news as it means the BITUSA boxset wont be coming out this summer?
  2. I remember a Racing from one of the two midsummers' shows in Gothenburg where the coda did seem to go on forever. One of my best ever live Bruce moments and still remember it almost 18 years later..
  3. Just remembered one I would love to hear (but zero chance) Backstreets with the Sad Eyes bit.
  4. Night One was my first ever show. Would absolutely love it to death
  5. Re-read this page and made me think how much I love retrospective boxsets and how much we owe Bob Dylan whose Bootleg Series started it all. Its also a pity BTR was Bruce's first album to get this treatment. If It was being done now it would be massive and not just a CD/2DVD set.
  6. Couldn't agree more. One of his very best songs that I first heard on a boot that had the piano buried as a support, rather than a lead, instrument. This bootleg version had the guitar track much louder and accentuated the song's impact.
  7. 1. Stayin' Alive (Brisbane 2014 is my reference) 2. Drift Away (the 1984 Brendan Byrne duet with Steve version) 3=. Frankie or The Fever [Seen all songs on albums 1-5 and 7 so can't complain.]
  8. Yeah. I like both of those records but Darkness was the record that really indoctrinated me. I remember being disappointed with BIUSA when it first came out. I thought it only had 3 killer songs - BIUSA, Downbound Train and DITD. And I still think its overrated and could have been so much better with different song selections.
  9. If it is a 1981 show, please let it be the Gothenburg on 3 May or Stockholm on 8 May for the killer version of CCR's Run Through The Jungle. Please, pretty please!
  10. Maybe Bruce's popularity would not be so widespread but I, and I'm guessing quite a few others, would still be here; reason = Darkness On The Edge Of Town.
  11. Side 1 1. Born In The U.S.A. 2. Cover Me 3. Pink Cadillac 4. Protection 5. Downbound Train 6. Frankie Side 2 1. Murder Incorporated 2. My Love Will Not Let You Down 3. I'm On Fire 4. I'm Goin' Down 5. Dancing In The Dark 6. This Hard Land
  12. I can't stand No Surrender (electric). But I would love to hear No Surrender (acoustic, as on Live 75-85). Unfortunately I have only witnessed the electric version, many times. Also agree with the haters of Darlington County, Bobby Jean, Glory Days and everything off Working On A Dream and High Hopes. There are also a load of songs I like but have seen too many times: DITD, Hungry Heart, Rosie (I hear screams!).
  13. No.1: Waitin' On A Sunny Day, obvs! No.2: Dream Baby Dream - if he'd finished the Devils & Dust shows with a different song every night instead of this mediocre cover, memories of the tour would have been better. Actually, in general Bruce's encores are way too predictable and all performances would be improved if there was more uncertainty in the encores. (Tough crowd?)
  14. So after the original River tour you decided you'd had enough live shows?
  15. I am hoping for the BIUSA deluxe box this summer (rather than Tracks 2) so I'm hoping that Archives don't release a 1984/85 show anytime soon. He's got that Sony contract that requires box sets and, with no touring, summer is a perfect time to release one - I hope they don't wait until the Christmas market/season.
  16. I too caught three Tunnel Of Love Expresses in 1988. All in the UK, 2 at Birmingham and 1 at Wembley. I went with my girlfriend, later wife, divorcee, now girlfriend again, to the first of these. I remember blisteringly hot days sitting waiting for gates to open and, even though I was thin-ish, I got stripes on my belly as my no-shirt body got tanned apart from the 'folds'. My favourite song for many years was Backstreets and three shows in '81 and two in '85 failed to deliver it. I got Backstreets at all three in '88, I was so made up. I also remember the first Birmingham show as being the only time I ever got to hear Vigilante Man and One Step Up live and both were brilliant - One Step Up became my girlfriend/w/d/g's favourite song after that show. Edwin Starr came onstage to co-sing War at the Birmingham shows. I'd already seen Edwin headlining in his own right a few years before and here were two incredibly powerful voices singing, almost screaming the lyrics together. The other lasting memory was how good Twist And Shout was at all three. Not because of the band but how each night Bruce got the crowd to sing the woah-woahs etc, whilst singing a little bit softer then a little bit louder over and over again. The crowds were certainly up for a long sing-a-long. I had a boot from the Basel show that did this justice and, although I haven't listened to it for a long time, the memory trigger still brings a smile to my face (as in right now). A fantastic tour and who knew that we'd have to wait 11 years until the next E Street jaunt. Looking back, I wish I'd gone to the two Sheffield shows. Not much setlist variation over the shows, but awesome entertainment.
  17. I know this is a late observation but am I the only one to notice terrible track breaks? Example Track 7: 'American Skin' finishes, then there is band silence/applause, and then 'Promised Land' starts. Only when the first notes of the Darkness version sound, does the track click into Track 8. So if anyone wants to just play one of those tracks (we can't always have 2hrs 40m free) we either have AS and the opening tuning up bit of PL, or an incomplete version of PL. The track breaks need to be in the right places, i.e. during the applause.
  18. So true. Refresh page. Refresh page. Refresh page….
  19. Well something has got to happen this year and surely it must be either Tracks 2 or the BIUSA box. His boxsets largely drop for the Christmas market (Oct-Dec for Tracks 1, Darkness and River boxes) but Covid has probably thrown all normal scheduling out of the window. Summer is far enough away from Letter To You (Oct 23, 2020) so I'm hopeful for a late Spring/early Summer release. We've had so much River material including a tour, I don't think they would use this photo to advertise a forthcoming Tracks 2. How much more River stuff can there be? So I don't think it's that but what the photo change does mean, if there is any significance at all, I have no idea.
  20. I think it was reading about it in the first Dave Marsh book but that Camden Market cassette boot was what turned it into the grail.
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