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  1. I can wait for the film to come out on dvd etc. The album stands on its own and, like the other records, doesn't need a movie.
  2. The solo acoustic If I Should fall Behind from Leeds Arena in 2013 is also stupendous. Even the idiots who shouted out during it can't steal the majesty of the singing.
  3. So many memories of the 1981 River tour in Europe. I'd been a fan since 1977 but the Darkness tour didn't come to Europe. My first boot was Piece de Resistance which took three months to arrive from America and I played it to death. So when the River tour came to England I was sooooo eager. Opening night (of 6) at Wembley: the ticket said show starts at 8pm and they were on stage at 8:10; only a ten minute wait which was unheard of and they played for 3hrs 20m. The first song I ever heard live was Born To Run !!! Hitchhiked to Birmingham to see the last show in Europe. At the time my favourite song was Backstreets. It wasn't played at the 3 shows I saw and nor at my 2 BIUSA shows. Finally got it at all 3 of my 1988 concerts. The shows were spectacular - immediately I knew that this was THE live performer - and I had seen the Who, Led Zep, SAHB, Jam, Four Tops, all off whom were amazing (and others). Apart from the song Backstreets, I was a little sad that the only song played from the first two albums was Rosalita. Tours after the 1999 reunion filled in my 'missing songs seen' catalogue. You never forget your first (in so many things).
  4. I am in England and I buy via PayPal. When you get to the payment address put 00 into the 'state' box and the rest should be your China address. Good luck!
  5. Brilliant work. All of them are better than the official posters (that I can recall).
  6. I was at the three Shea shows. All the talk before night 1 was about which Beatles song would open the stand. Twist & Shout and I Wanna Hold Your Hand were the favourites. A searing Souls Of The Departed shut down all further Beatles talk. Night 2 was referred to as 'that 70s show' given the number of early songs. played - although a number of the rarities, like Janey and Pink Cadillac, were from the 80s. Great show.
  7. It does seem odd that only the 1978 radio broadcasts are under consideration. More shows were recorded, e.g. Phoenix, Berkeley. I'd love a show from early in the '78 tour that includes The Promise?
  8. New name for your page? Maybe something like: "Archival Releases: sometimes First Friday, sometimes Second Friday, occasionally Third Friday."
  9. And I'd like to hear Drift Away as it was done in Meadowlands in 1984 as a duet with Steve.
  10. I love the Brisbane Stayin' Alive and have watched the video more times than I can count (fingers and toes takes me to ten)
  11. Too many regrets about missed shows (even though I've managed to see 75). But two regrets stand out: a) giving up Brighton 1981 tickets as I had university exams in another city and b) that the 1978 tour didn't come to Europe (admittedly not my regret). Conversely I also have many things I'm thankful for doing: the biggest of these is going to the last 6 MSG concerts of 2000. What a run of shows!
  12. Yes, the intention makes me happy too. But….…recording completed in November 2019 yet release on 23 October 2020 ain't exactly quick!
  13. 1. The Promise the other 9 in alphabetical order: Atlantic City (Live NYC 2000) Backstreets Badlands Born To Run Darkness On The Edge Of Town Murder Incorporated Prove it All Night (Live ‘78) Racing In The Street Roulette Doing this brings it home that all my selections were written by May 1982 (Murder Inc being the last).
  14. Yes, he insisted on being signed as a solo artist so he had complete control.
  15. Does that mean there will be no Nugs drop on Friday?
  16. I saw three SSB shows including the following night at Wembley but the Hammersmith Odeon show was stupendous. I loved that tour as as many others have said, Bruce had a ball on stage with these songs.
  17. I too agree. He now almost speaks some of the words. In the 70's and 80's he really sang the whole song. But I also have a fondness for Gothenburg 22-Jun-2003 when the finale of the song went on for what seemed like an age. Roy was on form and Bruce just let him play and play.
  18. The last 6 shows at Madison Square in 2000. Best holiday I've ever had - I won't admit this to the missus who stayed at home in London. Even better than my first shows in '81 but I'm envious of those who saw the '78 tour as the tapes prove this was the best. Broadway has certainly dampened my fervour; way too much time spent on a vanity project and open only to a minority. It will now be five years at the earliest between European tours. In that time his (speaking) voice seems to be starting to sound very old. Anyone agree?
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