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  1. What a great show! It not only brings tracks from one of my favorite albums, Lucky Town, to life... but demonstrates that Human Touch is also a worthy album when performed like this on stage. Part of me doesn't think this performance can be topped, but the other part is desperately waiting for the day Nugs releases an "Other Band" show that blows MTV Plugged out of the water (based solely on setlists available, it's certainly possible...)
  2. I treasure the opening acoustic set and when Southside joined the encores, the main set just doesn't do much for me when compared to earlier shows from the tour
  3. Not at all! Really hoping for a true representation of the tour this year from Nugs, more along the lines of the Jersey '92 one they released. The '93 benefit is admittedly not a great show and does not represent the tour that came before it, and the '92 show, while pretty good, is missing a lot of gems from the tour in place for some (while great) "Jersey specials." Wish I Were Blind... that acoustic Cross My Heart... Real World... heck, even non-album stuff like Follow That Dream was mesmerizing that tour. The band is obviously not the E Street Band, but deserve acclaim for how they absolute
  4. Loose Ends into Something in the Night into Stolen Car is something you'd never expect to work in concert. Especially in the opening 7 songs. The fact that it works and sounds this great is a testament to how great Springsteen live truly is.
  5. Listening on Sirius now. Holy crap, it blows my mind that it took this long for I'm a Rocker to open a show. What a great start!
  6. Not at all, and that's coming from someone who absolutely loves WS. It's a totally left-field body of work and separate entity IMO. As much as it pains me to say, I wouldn't want to hear any songs from it on an ESB stage. That's what the film was for.
  7. None But the Brave into Tougher Than The Rest!
  8. Yeah but the video of the performance is pretty funny though. My favorite version of the song for that reason!
  9. The Springsteen anthem of 2020. Well, and all of LTY
  10. My first thought was, the fact that every honorable mention could've been a #1 pick says something about the releases this year. And there were 16 moments better than Kingdom of Days?? Mind-blowing.
  11. Yeah I can agree on that. Always found it funny though how it was a bit of a rarity between TOL and somewhat recently
  12. I agree 1000000%. Maybe a hot take here though, but I'd MUCH rather have Sunny Day as the "crowdpleaser" over Hungry Heart, Dancing, or 10th Avenue... all of which nowadays go on way too long IMO and are poorly sung
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