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  1. When I want to listen to No Nukes, I'm going to play the uncompressed FLAC-HD full show recording I already purchased... I have no interest in streaming a shorter version of the show on something like Spotify when I have a higher quality, longer, unedited version downloaded. The Nugs show was professionally mixed from the multitracks. Now, the film is something I'm interested in. I will be purchasing and watching the film only of No Nukes, because based on the Sherry Darling footage, it looks to be Tempe-level or better. But still, how often am I going to watch it? A few times a year? When I listen to music I listen on my phone or while I drive.
  2. I'm with you 100%... plus, most of us already have both full Nukes shows via Nugs
  3. Especially for multi-night stands... just release the whole stand! They won't run out of WB shows anytime soon and they have them all
  4. It's like if Glory Days were written for Western Stars or something... I like it. Nothing I'm going to rush to listen again, but it's certainly good for what it is.
  5. I don't cry often, but Stolen Car gets me. Every time.
  6. Brilliant and heartfelt performance. Loved it. I sincerely hopes this closes out all shows in the upcoming tour
  7. This is precisely why we need more early shows from tours... I'm looking most strongly at Magic because I know most if not all shows were recorded, but also some very early '80 or '84 shows would be nice additions in an ideal scenario
  8. I absolutely agree with you that of the 4 versions of Iceman we have "officially" released (studio, and now all of its 3 live performances), this Tower performances is by far the weakest. It's certainly not bad to my ears, and the appeal of it being a solo piano performance with a glorious segue into Incident certainly makes up for the lacking vocal. The High Hopes performance in 2014 gets my pick for best live interpretation, though Iceman to me is one of the few studio songs that can't be topped live.
  9. Looks like we can add D&D to the list of albums where every song has been represented in the Live Archive Series
  10. Bring on Rome '06! SSB versions of River, Ramrod, All The Way Home and Long Black Veil
  11. Whoa! Did not know that! Wild it predates that far back, but took almost 2 decades to get released
  12. Also, thought I read Burnin' Train wasn't part of the LTY sessions. In the doc too it's very clearly overdubbed. We know Rainmaker came from Magic era sessions, anyone have a clue where Burnin' Train came from? Probably the biggest (and most pleasant) surprise on the album
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