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  1. That's fair! Some people like horns, some don't. Can't argue with that.
  2. It's always fascinating to see different people's varying opinions on here! Though I wouldn't be "upset" if I heard, Tenth Avenue is the only song that admittedly gets quite monotonous to me live. I'm sure it being played in the encores has much to do with it, with the extended intro even more extended and his voice not super strong.
  3. Never liked the E Street or solo arrangements of the song at all (the first I'd boot off The Rising... always skip it while listening to D&D shows... etc) BUT the SSB version is just stunning as you said. One of the many incredible arrangements of that tour and, quite frankly, his entire career.
  4. On one hand I personally disagree, but on the other I acknowledge that it's not nearly as controversial as my least favorite tour being '78. I guess I have a preference for the horns (on certain songs), which is why both TOL and Wrecking Ball are in my top 3 fave tours (alongside the '80-81 tour, which IMO was the ESB's peak). I'm curious what your thoughts are regarding the WB tour... do you think the horn section and singers worked then?
  5. I agree. Glad I'm not the only one that thinks this...
  6. 33 years ago today... https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,24299/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-3-28-1988-Joe-Louis-Arena-Detroit-MI.html
  7. Awesome post!! Adding Walk Like A Man would add an even more emotional segue between the "too late for what's lost" of Father's House and and the "maybe not for me" Living Proof. Especially the Stockholm '05 archive release that transitions from electric to grand piano right before the line "now the years have gone and I've grown... I'll do what I can and walk like a man"
  8. Mine would be: BTR: Hammersmith 11/24/75 Darkness: Atlanta 9/30/78 River: Jersey 9/9/81 Born in the USA: LA 9/27/85 TOL: Stockholm 7/3/88 Other Band: 7/25/92 Joad: Asbury 11/24/96 Reunion: LA 10/23/99 Rising: live in Barcelona D&D: Stockholm 6/25/05 Seeger: live in Dublin Magic: Tampa 4/22/08 (also one of my favorite archive releases) WOAD: Nassau 5/4/09 Wrecking Ball: Gothenburg 7/28/12 High Hopes: Pittsburgh 4/22/14 River 16: Pittsburgh 9/11/16
  9. I'd love another magic show! Europe leg like you said or an early '07 show would be ideal
  10. The last 4 releases were 2009, 2012, 1997, and 2000... I feel like April's will be something from the '80s. Hoping for either an early River show or something from the TOL tour with Across the Borderline (May 27 for example).
  11. Speaking of Leeds, Bad Moon Rising NEEDS to be in volume 3...
  12. Awesome collection! Inspired me to create a Spotify playlist with every live cover released for streaming (in chronological order)... I'm sure there's some obscure ones I forgot, but there's already a whopping 4+ hours of songs! What a great time to be a Bruce fan, when you have over 4 hours of LIVE cover songs (from all eras of his career) in stunning quality right at your fingertips.
  13. The '76-77 performances are some of my favorite in his entire career. Was super happy when those two '77 got released on Nugs, and the Albany performance from 2/7/77 is on all streaming services now as part of the "Live Series Songs Of Hope" compilation. As for post-Reunion performances, I'm not too keen on the full band versions (though I adore the Promise album). Something about the 4/22/14 Pittsburgh performance though resonates with me, I don't know why. I wasn't even at the show, but hearing it on the Nugs release really struck a chord with me for some reason. What I do know though i
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