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  1. Absolutely love that one from the 92 tour. Darlington County is another nice one from that tour that doesn't get a whole lot of talk
  2. I really don't know. I think I prefer the LA release but that's probably because it's the one I've had and been listening to for a couple years now. But the Giants show is a 10/10 as well. I'd need more time to make an actual judgement comparing the 2.
  3. BEST Sherry Darling I've ever heard. It should end more shows!! Also 85 was the best year for Thunder Road and BTR. Love this release!
  4. Oh my. What a show we just got. Wonder how they're going to top back to back 78 and 85 shows next month...
  5. Someone posted the full No Nukes nugs release on Youtube too... it's somehow stayed up for almost a year now
  6. He needs to bring back Ain't Good Enough For You
  7. I always chuckle (and maybe roll my eyes a bit too) when he plays a rare song then says "we should play that more often!" But then never does...
  8. Have we ever been treated to a 78 show and BITUSA show back to back? If that rumor's true I will certainly stop complaining about a trivial delay in release
  9. Oh my, didn't know those clips were from the Nukes show! So was LTY the first time they were shown in HD?
  10. It would be but why would Bruce Inc release it? What box would it be relevant for? Already have Darkness and River. Standalone release would push back Tracks II or new album. Also video for New Orleans '06 was officially released on Youtube after its archive came out, but that's still available for audio only purchase
  11. The No Nukes show was pulled from Nugs... don't know why or if on purpose, but it's no longer there
  12. Agree with above comments. Chasin' Wild Horses into Sundown is the best moment on a Bruce album post-Reunion Incident into Rosie is the best moment on a Bruce album pre-Darkness Also want to give a shout to the guitar transition of Candy's Room into She's the One when done live!
  13. True, but I wouldn't be complaining about that Fuse into Jackson Cage!
  14. 1. Badlands all the way. No question. 2. Pleasantly surprised by the variation of answers on this thread. Pretty much all songs people commented are great openers, I just can't see anything opening an "ideal" Bruce show other than Badlands. Only exception may be Land Of Hope And Dreams. Just watch the Milan '13 video of that opening... was speechless after watching.
  15. This Friday seems pretty likely. Any thoughts?
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