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  1. Brilliant and heartfelt performance. Loved it. I sincerely hopes this closes out all shows in the upcoming tour
  2. This is precisely why we need more early shows from tours... I'm looking most strongly at Magic because I know most if not all shows were recorded, but also some very early '80 or '84 shows would be nice additions in an ideal scenario
  3. I absolutely agree with you that of the 4 versions of Iceman we have "officially" released (studio, and now all of its 3 live performances), this Tower performances is by far the weakest. It's certainly not bad to my ears, and the appeal of it being a solo piano performance with a glorious segue into Incident certainly makes up for the lacking vocal. The High Hopes performance in 2014 gets my pick for best live interpretation, though Iceman to me is one of the few studio songs that can't be topped live.
  4. Looks like we can add D&D to the list of albums where every song has been represented in the Live Archive Series
  5. Bring on Rome '06! SSB versions of River, Ramrod, All The Way Home and Long Black Veil
  6. Whoa! Did not know that! Wild it predates that far back, but took almost 2 decades to get released
  7. Also, thought I read Burnin' Train wasn't part of the LTY sessions. In the doc too it's very clearly overdubbed. We know Rainmaker came from Magic era sessions, anyone have a clue where Burnin' Train came from? Probably the biggest (and most pleasant) surprise on the album
  8. 3 thoughts on the album: 1) Ghosts is my favorite Bruce song since the Lucky Town album. It BETTER open shows next tour! Can't wait to hear it live 2) I'm one of the few that absolutely loves Rainmaker 3) The new recordings of Janey and If I Were A Priest are stunning. I just wish If I Were A Priest didn't fade out. Excited for an extended Little Steven solo on stage
  9. Wild to think that that glorious Who'll Stop The Rain into Rocky Ground was a one off and likely improvised
  10. The horns around 2 minute mark on Girls In Summer Clothes... spectacular!!
  11. You're absolutely right about the moments. Maybe I'm just in a certain mood today who knows, but that Backstreets just caught me off guard in the best way possible
  12. I was curious about the Dream Baby Dream interlude in Backstreets, and man I wasn’t expecting THAT. First time in a while I got chills listening to Bruce. Thanks for that. That moment of the show alone was worth the purchase. Best archive moment of the year
  13. I've always wanted to hear that mini Sad Eyes/Dream Baby Dream he did in the middle of Backstreets in HQ audio. The Youtube vids are meh, people talking etc
  14. I mean, I think it's safe to say after back to back 78 and 85 shows, we're DEFINITELY getting one from Reunion era this time around. I was looking forward to a 2007 show, but will never complain about something from Wrecking Ball era! Bring on Fenway!
  15. Absolutely love that one from the 92 tour. Darlington County is another nice one from that tour that doesn't get a whole lot of talk
  16. I really don't know. I think I prefer the LA release but that's probably because it's the one I've had and been listening to for a couple years now. But the Giants show is a 10/10 as well. I'd need more time to make an actual judgement comparing the 2.
  17. BEST Sherry Darling I've ever heard. It should end more shows!! Also 85 was the best year for Thunder Road and BTR. Love this release!
  18. Oh my. What a show we just got. Wonder how they're going to top back to back 78 and 85 shows next month...
  19. Someone posted the full No Nukes nugs release on Youtube too... it's somehow stayed up for almost a year now
  20. He needs to bring back Ain't Good Enough For You
  21. I always chuckle (and maybe roll my eyes a bit too) when he plays a rare song then says "we should play that more often!" But then never does...
  22. Have we ever been treated to a 78 show and BITUSA show back to back? If that rumor's true I will certainly stop complaining about a trivial delay in release
  23. Oh my, didn't know those clips were from the Nukes show! So was LTY the first time they were shown in HD?
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