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  1. Personally can't stand the River from the tour, but absolutely LOVE the rearranged Point Blank!
  2. Used Spotify streams for first 4 decades: 70's BTR 80's Dancing In the Dark (has more Spotify streams than BITUSA) 90s Streets of Philadelphia (his 5th most streamed song on Spotify) 00s Rising -- This is where it gets more subjective: 10s looking at the 2 songs of the decade featured on Essential, I'd go for We Take Care of Our Own 20s I'll See You In My Dreams
  3. My top 3 (from what I've heard): 1) Tempe 2) LA 85 3) Paris 7/11/16
  4. If we do get a release, it would surprise me if it's not something low-key after the back to back classic era shows following No Nukes. I predict a standard Joad show, or a WOAD show (which we didn't get any of last year)
  5. Great write up! Pretty much agree with your top 10, though I'd personally swap the 05 Real World for the 92 Real World. I'd never heard the full band arrangement before, and though much different than the Christic versions, it worked surprisingly well for me
  6. To listen to: Tempe all the way To watch: No Nukes
  7. Listening again for the sixth time all the way through. Best release since NJ 81 in my opinion. Great mix. Great set. Great show!
  8. Yeah I never realized how much I don’t like the sound of Greetings until I heard the ‘09 full album show. Even in that performance the full band For You sounded alright to me in context. Some killer songs on that record that just sit there on album but come alive on stage. Looking mostly at Lost in the Flood and Saint in City
  9. Really? To each their own I guess. Personally, I ONLY listen to the solo piano ‘75 versions of For You. Hauntingly beautiful. I can’t stand the full band arrangements, especially the studio recording
  10. Listening now on ESR. What an epic Lost In The Flood!! They played Its My Life earlier before the full show dropped, that also sounded fantastic. Excited to pick this one up, only the 3rd show I will have bought this year but already sounding to be the best of the 3!
  11. Boston 92 is truly one of the underrated gems of the archive series. Made me appreciate an era I never paid much attention to
  12. In an ideal world I'm hoping for an extended piano intro to some of the new LTY songs in concert... so much piano all over the tracks, reminds me a lot of that earlier material!
  13. I was referring to the piano, not the hideous part. Far from hideous to my ears
  14. Agreed. Those Darkness and River encores were so visual it was great to finally see an example of one in such high quality. The energy and timing of the Nukes encore was spot. on.
  15. Solo as in not E Street. Devils and Dust wasn't purely solo, and Western Stars had a full orchestra accompaniment. Long Walk Home dates back to the Seeger Sessions, off E Street, and debuted with a sparse arrangement with that band
  16. Me too. When he pulled out Nebraska tracks on the USA tour, not all of them were full band "electric" arrangements. I think that would work really well with the Western Stars tracks. Sparse arrangement of Hello Sunshine, full band Sleepy Joe's or Tucson Train, and solo Moonlight Motel
  17. My mistake. I got 2005 mixed up with 2006. Still didn't originate as an ESB track though, but with the SSB
  18. On the topic of the ESB tackling solo material: I'd like Bruce and the band to work up a rocking arrangement of Maria's Bed! We saw how Long Walk Home and Long Time Comin' came alive when the ESB reworked some Devils and Dust tracks. I'm sure Tucson Train and Sleepy Joe's would work just the same
  19. There are no bad versions of Backstreets. While 77 will always be my favorite, I want to give a shout to the Fenway '12 version from the recent Nugs release. The spontaneous, extended Dream Baby Dream interlude is absolutely beautiful.
  20. What happened to everything 50% off? Saving $2 or $3 isn't convincing me to add an uninterested show to my collection. I'd rather wait for next month's two (fingers crossed!) releases and buy both of those!
  21. Talented indeed. I have a Springsteen/Swift playlist if anyone's interested. It alternates between the two artists, with some female Springsteen covers and male Swift covers thrown in for good measure
  22. not to mention it's really not played great as one of the last songs of the night... bruce is almost always exhausted and running around during the song doesn't help the already weathered vocals. really doesn't do the song justice without Big Man or a strong vocal performance.
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