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  1. I really hope there is a release today at the usual time, and that it is a River tour show. It’s long overdue and it would really cheer me up. Also a Magic show will be fine, but I’d just love a 80/81 show and no delays.
  2. There’s also Passaic third night, which I would love, and so the epic Passaic trio would be completed... But Atlanta would be just as awesome. I really hope it’s a Darkness show. Wembley 2013 too is a good suggestion, amazing setlist and performance and I’m pretty sure we’ll get it one day, but we already had a Wrecking Ball tour show in April, so I don’t know. Either way, I’m just so happy to have the whole week to anticipate this release, with the certainty that it will actually be released next Friday.
  3. That’s what I thought too! God, can’t it just be next Friday already?
  4. True. It still means that we’ll get new shows, so despite the disappointment for the end of First Fridays, I’m still happy the archive releases haven’t ended altogether and they mentioned that at least the September archive will be released soon.
  5. Well, at least there will still be a new show coming every month (maybe Third Fridays at this point?) and, by the look of that last sentence, I’m guessing September archive will be released next week, which is not too bad.
  6. Great sound and great performance. I remember looking for the Ev2 bootleg everywhere years ago and how happy I was when I finally found it, so of course I’m thrilled to have this show officially released. I love Incident to death, so there’s that too. I still would have preferred a BITUSA show for this month, but maybe August will bring it to us? Anyway, I’m hugely enjoying Philly ‘99 right now
  7. I really hope it is a Born In The U.S.A. show, it’s my favorite tour after Darkness and The River and I think it’s time. Even if they only recorded 4 of the ‘84 NJ leg (2 of which we already have) and the ‘85 NJ and LA legs, that’s still a good number of shows to be released and I want to hear them all, also because the bootlegs from these legs of the tour aren’t that good... I’m really looking forward to it!
  8. Hi, I’m Martina, just joined the forum @Buddhabone, may I ask for a copy too? Thanks in advance and pleased to meet you all!
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