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  1. thanks sonicramone, the collectorsmusicreview was the first time i heard about this cd. it's really a great show. there is another version of this show on Electric Ladyland in case you're interested. but not cc quality. Best wishes
  2. Hello everybody, a long time ago (2 years or more) i read a review in Collectors Music Reviews about this CD. Neil Young + Promise of the Real - Dalhalla, Sweden - This Place Rocks - Crystal Cat 1076/77/78 Since that time I'm looking to get this album. I looked at Record Fairs & Fleamarkets (in times before Corona) in the net etc. I never found it, it's listed on Discogs and a couple of short reviews in the net. But my local guy who normally sells CC stuff never received. Disc Japan never has it listed. I doubted in the meantime that it was ever released. Has some
  3. thanks a lot. Crystal Cat almost complete. Hope I will find the missing items (which were officially released) at Record Fairs or fleamarkets. Have a nice day.
  4. Good Morning everybody. These are the last Crystal Cat Releases missed. Mountain View 1986-10-13 Crystal Cat 326 You Better Not Touch Mountain View 1995-10-28 Crystal Cat 378 You Better Not Touch Vol. 2 Thanks in advance.
  5. thanks again mickb for your help. Really appreciated. Sorry for asking for St. Louis, didn't notice that it's officially released. Have a nice weekend.
  6. Still looking for some Crystal Cats to complete my CC Collection St. Louis 2008-08-23 CC 915/916/917 St. Louis Magic Night Red Bank 1998-01-31 CC 454/455/456 Red Bank Night Cleveland 1996-09-29 CC 415 USA Blues Vol. 2 Thanks in advance and a nice weekend to all.
  7. Looking for some Crystal Cat releases: Boston 1978-05-31 Crystal Cat 1072/1073 "Boston Third Night" Grand Rapids 2005-08-03 Crystal Cat 773/774 "Grand Rapids Night" New York 2000-07-01 Crystal Cat 540/541/542 "Legendary Night" Kansas City 1984-11-19 Crystal Cat 360/361/362 "Kansas City Night" Thanks in advance.
  8. thanks a lot amber438. I've already got "Singing our Birthday Songs but the G.R. 748/49/50 includes "Quarter to three" (which is missing on the Birthday Songs) and different Bonus Tracks. And it's the last Godfather release I need to complete my Godfather Collection
  9. thanks again mickb for your kindness and help. Only 1 Godfather left. Passaic, NJ 1978-09-21 Godfather 748/49/50 Last Night At The Capitol - Maybe someone has it. Thanks to all who helped me with my Bruce Godfather collection
  10. Good Morning everybody, still looking for some Godfather releases in FLAC Paris 2013-06-29 Godfather 915/16/17 Lucille Passaic, NJ 1978-09-21 Godfather 748/49/50 Last Night At The Capitol Born to be wild Godfather 323 Thanks in advance. May you all have a nice day.
  11. really don't know what happened with my first download. Got only 15 tracks. Now everything is fine. Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend
  12. Hello mickb, did you receive my post regarding the missing tracks on "Murder Incorporated" (Godfather 49)?
  13. even a lossy version looks better than no version. Hopefully a lossless version will turn up. Thanks to all who involved in this issue
  14. thanks again BTR. I really appreciate your help. Godfather almost complete. I guess only 2 or 3 left.
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