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  1. Holy shit: that Bruce impression on SNL was atrocious. I don't even know if I would call that an impression. More like throwing on a some denim and acting like how you think any older rock star would act. Jeez...do a little research, Bennett.
  2. I'm confused why you wouldn't include Jungleland in your mention of an incredible 1978 set of songs.
  3. Very simply...they don't have many recordings left from the 1970s and 1980s. Bruce and Columbia very stupidly made little effort to record concerts for much of his career. To me it is so weird he didn't appear on something like The Midnight Special in the 1970s. I think he made the argument that it would ruin the mystique of live shows (or that's what he thought at the time). What a completely bizarre opinion, frankly. From 1975 through 2003 there are only so many shows left to chose from unless they go the soundboard route, which they're clearly avoiding or we'd probably have something from 1976 at least. I'm also surprised we haven't seen something from the Amnesty Tour unless they can't get the rights to the recordings or something. There's a legit chance they only have one 1978 show left.
  4. We all agree he should do that. He's been notoriously behind when it comes to making certain decisions. Remember PJ was releasing every concert on CD back in 2000. Bruce finally got on board in 2014. Hopefully someone informs him the legacy of the tour is worth the money but smart decision making is not Inc's strong suit.
  5. The issues with the 2002/2003 shows is the Sony software they used at the time. IMO, Sony needs to spend whatever is necessary to free up audio their proprietary software made this a problem. But Sony is a POS company.
  6. Finally got to listen to both: what a shame that Bruce turned down Sony asking Bruce to release all 10 Giants Stadium shows from 2003. Imagine if we had those now. Or Fenway or Shea.
  7. Rumors are that they are holding one show for the Boxset. Which should be a no brainer...unless they wait so long many fans of died or become fans of light jazz while they read AARP.
  8. Basically we have no idea what the cost or time would be in trying to recover the files. Bruce Inc knows we want to hear Rising shows but maybe they don't think the cost will be exceeded by the profits, in which case it would be a bad business move. Of course, the tour is essential to Bruce's legacy. So we will see if that ever moves the needle. I wouldn't hold your breath, sadly.
  9. The consensus seems to be they can't extract the audio into a format they can work with due to Sony's software they used in 2002/2003. Not that they have been corrupted and are essentially unusable forever. I could be wrong, but I think most agree that it s possible to get the audio, it would just take time and money...at least that's the take I heard from Flynn.
  10. Damaged beyond repair doesn't seem to be the prevailing theory. hey theory seems to be that they used Sony's system to capture the shows, the software of which, has problems or become obsolete. Not that the recordings themselves are damaged.
  11. I'd be happy to spend his money for him on this particular project. He will still have hundreds of millions of dollars for Jessica's horse stuff and building barns for concerts. Also, I would like to ask him why the fuck he didn't use the back cover for Western Stars as the front cover...so much better than the horse.
  12. Jeez, the ONLY known soundboards that are from 1977 are Richmond and Albany. Sheesh. It's a damn shame Bruce won't throw a tiny portion of his massive wealth towards fixing the Rising shows esp. as it is such an important part of his legacy. I'm with Flynn on this one, pathetic.
  13. It'd just be fantastic if they could clean up the soundboards or combine IEM's with other sources using a professional. Of course, they could sell it...so there's that bonus versus bootlegs. Also, less hardcore fans will buy vs. scouring the internet for boots.
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