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  1. Well Jon Landau would surely agree given his visible emotion in the film sitting at the deck listening to it. Didn't mind the film but for me it would have been much much better served had it featured less (IE: all of the) faux promo videos and showed more in studio banter/ song creation.
  2. My Amazon pre-order of "All The Songs" arrived this afternoon (was surprised at the Sunday Australia Post delivery!) and like the Stones' edition of this series the book is an absolute door-stop! Had a quick flick through, looks nicely put together. Only initial complaint is a BITUSA cover image. The Amazon price of AU$55 was quite reasonable Also have the Hiatt book but still haven't found time to really check it out. Xmas/New Year break I'd hope to engage both of them.
  3. Probably could have closed the thread with this. Absolutely gold.
  4. Prepared to be shot down but this release I fell asleep during the first listen (admittedly with a few sips) and bored during the second. Feels quite forced. Point Blank is one of my favourite songs but the delivery on this is not for me at all. The mix is very nice though. Would like all releases to get this treatment.
  5. Thanks very much. Going above and beyond! Cheers
  6. Last one from me tonite. This one never fails to get me. The whole gig really but this performance even in isolation very moving
  7. Another favourite. I've watched both Brooklyn performances but in this one Nils just 100% nails the solo and the note his hits @ 4:30 with Steve turning around incredulously always get me.
  8. Yeah for sure and his look at 2:13 always gets me. Clearly happy with it all. I bought the Albany gig as well but the performance not close to the Brisbane one.
  9. Quite partial to this one. Is the entire show available pro-shot like this clip? One of my favourite archive releases.
  10. More generosity from you, thanks mate. What '76 SBD's are you talking about? The only one I have is 1976-04-29, Ellis Auditorium, Memphis TN (I actually already have the earlmv edit of Richfield '78) Cheers
  11. Nope. No idea how to work that out but visited the thread and found it. thank you very much.
  12. Generous post! Are there any soundboards from '78 other that don't include Passaic, Winterland, Landover or Atlanta? I'd have to say that any SBD's from 78-88 would be keenly viewed. Cheers
  13. Hey Daisey, yeah I have a handful of shows from 2016-2017 and funnily enough all of them are when Bruce discarded The River setlist. I do have the New York 2009 show. The River is in my top 5. Great album. But I do think it's a bit bloated and a head scratcher as to why some of the better material that was left behind. But that's part of the intrigue of the man I suppose. Funnily enough, I have my own Springsteen compilation (65 tracks at present) and The River sessions is the most represented but half are discarded tracks.
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