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  1. "Back in Your Arms" - Helsinki 2012-07-31. I love the studio versions of "Back in Your Arms," it's a gorgeous love song. That night, however, it was the 20th song of 33 and by that time I had been standing for God knows how many hours and my feet were tired and at that moment a looong slow song was a killer.
  2. I've been away from here for over a week so I just got a chance to see this. I'll send the above message to Brucebase.
  3. The one joke that Bruce is fond of telling has to do with Easter. Here's the tidied up (removed the uh's etc.) version from 1995-04-05...I'm Lutheran and I approve of this humour. "There was an Italian guy and an Irish guy…they were sitting next to each other in a bar...and the Irish guy says ´Italians are so stupid' ….goes on and on…..´What do you mean we´re so stupid ?´, ´You´re so stupid´, he says ´Oh yeah ?´, he says ´I bet you, I bet you you´re so stupid you don´t even know what Easter is´….they put the money down on the bar...Italian gets up on th bar.. ´Easter is when Jesus Christ
  4. Sped through the four shows in South Africa in 2014 but I did pause to take in "We shall overcome" (2014-01-28). That must have been a special experience for Bruce to sing in "the land of Mandela."
  5. I actually brought this show up since you were getting some needling yet...March 26.
  6. But when a poor newbie comes by and makes a mistake, cut them some slack too.
  7. @bosstrade01 @mickb You guys heard about 1985-09-30?
  8. Were you sober? Everyone in the crowd sounds like they had just won the European Cup. I was 11 at the time and thought Marco van Basten was cool (Ruud Gullit's name made us Finns laugh since his last name sounds like the word "penises" in Finnish
  9. Just finished listening to the encores of 1988-06-29 Rotterdam. This show has one of the best versions of "Twist and Shout" - it's mesmerizing with Bruce improvising from the heart in the middle, singing lines from "I don't wanna go home."
  10. He did do the full River album at 3 shows in Europe. He must have been bored by the same 20 songs in sequence after Jan. 16 to April 25.
  11. "Back in Your Arms" (Adelaide, 2014-02-11). I love "Back in Your Arms" and I love Bruce's onstage stories BUT these two combined are not for me. Bruce turns a gorgeous, heartbreaker song into a snoozefest by his spoken intros, which are completely unnecessary to anyone who can hear the song lyrics. Yes, it's about "blowing a good thing" - no need to talk about it, you say it much more eloquently and quicker and better in the lyrics, Boss.
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