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  1. Bruce also met Julianne during the shows in L.A in '84 - that might have also affected the shows in late '84.
  2. Ron Kovic was in the audience at the 1984-11-04 show - that must played a big part in making "Shut out the light" special for Bruce.
  3. Listening to the first set of the show in Saratoga Springs, July 27th, 1984. The sound is maybe 6 out of 10 at best but fun nonetheless.
  4. I do. Last year I listened to these bootlegs from start to finish: 1974-03-03 Washington D.C ("Saint in the City") 1974-06-03 Cleveland ("You never can tell") 1975-02-05 Bryn Mawr ("Ultimate Main Point '75") 1975-08-15 New York City (early show)("From the Coastline to the City") 1975-09-26 Iowa City (Ed Sciaky tapes) 1975-10-04 Detroit ("First night in Detroit") 1975-12-28 Upper Darby ("Sha la la") 1976-04-29 Memphis ("The Man that wrote the book!") 1976-10-09 South Bend ("It's only rock'n'roll") 1976-11-04 New York City ("A Streak of light th
  5. Ning's looking mischievous. Thank you on Victor's behalf. Today we took an official birthday portrait.
  6. Victor turned 15 years old today. Once this picture was taken, he hit the cake with his paw, sneezed and farted loudly. Well, once you get to be a senior pug, you don't need to mind your manners that much. Love this guy so much, here's hoping for more time and continued good health.
  7. Wow, I found my first bootleg ever! Thanks Mom for saving this! I bought this tape from Munich, Germany back in 1991 while holidaying with relatives (I was nearly 14 years old then). A mess of Winterland tracks that blew my mind. I also bought Dylan's Bootleg Series vol. 1-3 thinking it was an actual bootleg. P.S. In order to stay true to this thread, I'm listening to "For you" from Berkeley 1978-06-30 now and heading for "The Promised Land."
  8. Most of the shows from 1973-1997 that I used for Storytellers were on tape so yes. The shows sounded pretty good then though they now sound bad - I think it's because the sound systems we now have are almost too high quality. I know it sounds funny but right now I'm listening to an audience recording of Berkeley 1978-06-30 on a 20-year-old portable CD-player in my old room and it sounds just fine. If I listened to this on the sound system I have at my own home, this would sound pretty horrible.
  9. When I last visited my parents during the holidays, I found a bunch of forgotten Bruce-cds in my old room. This time around I opened some drawers and found dozens and dozens of Bruce-tapes my mom has saved! I had no idea! Too bad I don't have a tape player any more. Well, hopefully and probably all the tapes I once used for Storyteller are out there as FLACs or mp3s.
  10. In the spirit of giving back to this community... Here's a DVD of 2013-07-07 Leipzig, Germany (DVDDubbingguy) DVD 1: https://we.tl/t-bFaDLbYyFm https://we.tl/t-csTNoJJa1F https://we.tl/t-FjFTqCrARc https://we.tl/t-xxNEj1iKkP DVD 2: https://we.tl/t-Zh9884srt5 https://we.tl/t-AKm9MgQaR4 https://we.tl/t-9eyglLOmNm https://we.tl/t-O8lq2OP1uJ Links valid for seven days.
  11. @mickb @sunshine2020 Come on, they were cool when I was ten years old - still cool now.
  12. Thank you, @mickb and @sunshine2020 ! You guys are Dempsey and Makepeace Remember those detectives from the 1980s? They were a big deal in my childhood.
  13. The weather service is threatening this area with half a meter more of snow on top of what we already have so before I get thoroughly stuck in the house, could someone please upload: 1988-03-08 Philadelphia (Tape man Joe) 1988-03-09 Philadelphia (Tape man Joe) 1988-04-04 Landover (Mjk5510 and/or "C'mon Mr. Trouble") Thank you in advance!
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