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  1. Had a tooth pulled out in the morning and now I've got the fever and am laying on the couch watching the Pittsburgh 2016 video. The song playing right now: Lost in the flood.
  2. @lilbud Thank you for taking the time for this!
  3. "Brothers under the bridge" should have been on TGOTJ.
  4. "Sherry Darling" should have been released as a single in the summer of 1978 the way Bruce said he planned. Put any of the songs later released on The Promise on the b-side and he would have had a hit single. During the BITUSA-tour Bruce should have put out an EP of "darker" songs (with the drum machines replaced by Max's drums) including at least "Unsatisfied heart," "Richfield whistle," "Born in the U.S.A" (acoustic), "Sugarland" (acoustic) and "Follow that dream." Or a 12-song album of the amazing leftover band songs such as "This hard land," "Murder Inc.", "None but the brave"... Would have sold millions of copies at the height of his mass popularity AND made long-time fans happy.
  5. I'm ok with wetransfer - no hurry. Thank you.
  6. Anyone have these TGOTJ-shows? These used to be available on tape - anyone here have them in FLAC or mp3? 22.10.96 San Diego 25.10.96 Santa Barbara 14.12.96 Charlotte
  7. Starting today with the Born to run-album because it's my birthday.
  8. Lyrics are a bit of a disappointment, in my opinion. I'm certain there will be better new songs on the album.
  9. Check page 658. Mickb posted Slipping away, which is this compilation you are looking for.