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  1. I was just listening to the JEMS version - it's as good as an official recording.
  2. Signed up - seems like a lot of fun, plus helpful (especially to those starting out).
  3. Thank you, @Daisey Jeep - you are the sweetheart of this place. I was born on a Sunday so supposedly my life is all wonderful all the time.
  4. Thank you, @el sergio Oh dear, all those dots....
  5. Thank you so much, @JimCT - your words mean a lot to me.
  6. September 11th is my birthday and I have a tradition of starting it with the album version of "Thunder Road" so that's what is playing right now.
  7. I'd love Sheffield 1988-07-09. There is no good quality audio of it except for the Spare Parts single. Just watching the 1st set on DVD (watched 2nd set and encores the other day). Bruce plays a unique harmonica solo during "Boom Boom"...Later in the intro to "You Can Look" talks about his father for the only time on the tour in this particular intro. Devils & Dust-show would make me happy too.
  8. I have the Anthology pretty well memorized from my youth but don't remember anything like that but I'm getting old and my mind might be going. This is intriguing, though. Do you have a sort of time frame for this? I mean was it definitely before ESB breaking up or could it be during the Other Band era? I enjoy a bit of detective work like this.
  9. I've never heard of or seen footage from a soundcheck in Japan in 1985. Might have been in a news broadcast at the time but Bruce used to be a control freak back then so hard to imagine some news crew filming him while he was trying to hear what the sound is like...but, hey, weirder things have happened.
  10. Some bluesy stuff here from before the 1992 tour (following Cindy Crawdford
  11. Here's London 1981-06-05: https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-bruce-springsteen-and-the-e-street-band-wembley-arena-london-uk-06-05-1981-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/19985.html?cgid=ARTIST-986#q=&prefn1=digitalType&prefv1=CONTAINER&prefn2=containerType&prefv2=ALBUM&prefn3=containerType&prefv3=SHOW&location=&songName=&prefn4=performanceDateYear&prefv4=1981&start=1
  12. Here is Boston 2007-11-19 https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-bruce-springsteen-and-the-e-street-band-td-banknorth-garden-boston-ma-11-19-2007-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/19238.html
  13. I recommend this, Charlie Watts as a guest on Desert Island Discs: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p009493z
  14. A true legend. Thank you for the music, Charlie.
  15. 2006-11-11 London is available from Nugs. 2009-06-28 London is available as an official DVD. If avoiding official releases still matters...
  16. This show is also available from Nugs. https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-bruce-springsteen-boston-garden-boston-ma-12-13-1992-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/26415.html
  17. There has been ridiculous talk going around that Bruce has traveled to Tokyo but he hasn't.
  18. According to Stan Goldstein, Bruce is not at the Olympics. "This picture was taken yesterday (Wednesday, July 28). Bruce had lunch with some of his old Freehold friends at Federici's. He did not go to Tokyo and is not going to the Olympics."
  19. According to Stan Goldstein, Bruce is not in Japan: "This picture was taken yesterday (Wednesday, July 28). Bruce had lunch with some of his old Freehold friends at Federici's. He did not go to Tokyo and is not going to the Olympics.
  20. Good luck with your thesis, Catherine. I actually did my thesis on Bruce too! It was about the Bible teachings and Christian values in his lyrics. I wrote and submitted it right before Devils&Dust came out so quite a long time ago.
  21. 1981-06-08 Birmingham - 1st set and most of the 2nd set. One of the best sounding audience recordings on the River tour.
  22. I love reading books, don't have the patience for podcasts, so this will be great to have.
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