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  1. Was just going to post about this too This is an important issue to me, the rounding up of wild Mustangs is dreadful. The BLM (Bureau of Land Management), use helicopters to remove the horses from their own land. The horses get wounded, die and foals permanently separated from their mothers. Glad, and not surprised, Robert Redford is doing this and that Bruce, Patti and Jessica are using their money and influence for this cause. I watched a documentary awhile ago about the BLM and the mustangs, I had to turn it off because it upset me. It's cattle and sheep ranchers that are the problem and the BLM helps them. These horses are also used in programs for troubled kids, kids and adults with disabilities and Veterans. They're beautiful creatures and icons of our country. Watching it with TVOD is usually a pay for view type thing, I'll pay to watch it. The Big Lie That’s Destroying the Wild Horses of the American West
  2. Bruce has been a cowboy at heart since he was a toddler
  3. Redhills: Durham Miners Hall · A very happy birthday from Redhills to Bruce Springsteen. In 1985, Bruce met with volunteers from the Durham miners’ support groups ahead of a concert in the region. Days later, this cheque for $20,000 arrived at Redhills from Springsteen to help striking miners and their families. The cheque was presented to the support groups at that year’s Durham Miners' Gala.
  4. Mick, Keith, Ronnie Talk About Missing Charlie, and 2021 Tour
  5. The set featured big hits including “Invisible Touch” and “Land of Confusion” along with surprises like “Fading Lights” and “Duchess” Videos in the story. Phil's son is the drummer
  6. Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp chill out in Bay Head on the Jersey Shore Chris Jordan Asbury Park Press A rare double-rock star sighting occurred Thursday in Bay Head. Bruce Springsteen, the Freehold native who's often seen in these parts, was spotted with Midwestern music icon John Mellencamp on Bridge Avenue. Susan Fimiani of Toms River said hello to the guys and they took a picture together. “It's Bruce Springsteen,” Fimiani said. “I see gray hair on the other guy, is that Jon Bon Jovi? I can tell right way that it's not.” Fimiani addressed Mellencamp from her car not knowing it was Mellencamp. 'It must be a lot of fun to walk down the street with Bruce,' ” said Fimiani to Mellencamp. “And that's when I realized it was John Mellencamp.” Fimiani parked her car and asked for a picture. “Absolutely,” Springsteen said. “Bruce grabbed John, he's like, 'Get in the picture,' and we took the picture and that was about it,” Fimiani said. Fimiani was leaving the beach. She was looking for sea glass for her BeachwritingsNJ custom beach messages. She shared the pic to her BeachwritingsNJ Facebook and Instagram accounts. Springsteen, who lives in Colts Neck, and Mellencamp, a native of Indiana, were walking toward the beach, Fimiani said. Springsteen visited Mellencamp in Indiana earlier this year to record material for an upcoming Mellencamp record. Both Springsteen and Mellencamp are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  7. The groups website https://waitingforsunnydays.be/ Their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Waitingforsunnydays
  8. A LOT of Bruce's songs are sad, but with a bit of hope in them. You know that's how he's always written, a master of that kind of writing I've never been a fan of this song, but I really like this.
  9. I love the end! "Waitin' on a sunny day" - Over 200 Belgian musicians play for Bruce Springsteen
  10. I've known about the show since it started, but I've never listened to it because we don't have Sirius. Our son use to listen to Bruce's show on Sirius when he had it.
  11. I knew of it, and my son use to listen to it when he had Sirius, but he's always driving to jobs so he spends a lot of time on local roads. I'm not in the car enough to pay for the service. I had it free years ago with a new car, but Bruce wasn't on it back then.
  12. You've missed the point of the story. It's one of many stories where Rump stiffed contractors and subcontractors and many went bankrupt because of it. It's a known long time fact. The man isn't looking for anything now, it's long over and done with. Bruce brought it up on his show yesterday because the theme of the show was Money Honey and it was personal to Bruce. Who knows, maybe Bruce did help out the man back then. He does many, many things with his money to help people that we don't know about and he keeps quiet about it.
  13. Is that a program on Bruce's SiriusXM show? I don't have Sirius so have never heard it.
  14. Bruce Springsteen stands with Freehold business after 'disgusting' Donald Trump deal
  15. UNREQUITED INFATUATIONS: ODYSSEY OF A ROCK AND ROLL CONSIGLIERE For the first time ever, Bruce Springsteen will be interviewing his longtime friend and bandmate Stevie Van Zandt. Join Unison Events for an evening with Stevie Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen as they come together to discuss Unrequited Infatuations, the new memoir from Van Zandt. Unrequited Infatuations begins in a bedroom in suburban New Jersey in the early '60s and unfolds across the globe, demonstrating how Rock and Roll has the power to change the world. Now, these rock disciples reflect on their shared experiences and answer questions submitted by fans.
  16. As someone said, he's lost some muscle mass which is perfectly normal as we age. Picture is from today someone said. Lucky woman!
  17. Was probably the 2 French filmmakers who ended up making that documentary. I remember watching it and the story behind it. Rich was quite the character on here, calling his wife 'the frying pan' LOL. What happened to Miami Mark?
  18. There's a 9/11 Museum and Memorial organization and he was asked to perform at this memorial. Right after 9/11 happened and the country was in shock and disbelief, the concert "America - A Tribute to Heroes" was aired on 9/21/01 on all tv stations. When I saw Bruce open the concert with My City of Ruins I had a feeling of complete calmness come over me. Seeing him perform made me feel we were going to be okay. It's very hard to explain, but it's what Bruce has always been able to do for me and many others in good and bad times, especially bad times. Remember right after 9/11 it's said someone saw Bruce out and about and hollered at him "we need you now!" His lyrics and music have pulled me out of many funks. It's why we love him and look to him
  19. We all get that gut bump as we age LOL. Is that a photo from this summer or 2018 shows, cause he is thinner now. I wish I had a "thin" issue.
  20. A lot of people that have attended SOB have said that also. It seems as we age we either get thinner or fatter, depending on our genes. Bruce was a always a small, scrawny looking guy when he was young. Only beefed up when BITUSA came along. I remember first time I saw him live, I was surprised how small and thin he was
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