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  1. The problem is, by including them in the set, they have to be part of the critical evaluation. Just like The Office is incredible between seasons two and five, but the latter seasons (particularly post-Michael Scott) diminish its reputation slightly. They struggled to fill that Steve Carrell void, some characters became parodies of themselves. Based on Jon’s comments, it’s annoying that Bruce got close but didn’t fully crack that “different type of performance”. Including E Street tracks, played in their original form, held him back.
  2. Agreed. On the basis that it’s apparent that Bruce couldn’t stop himself from playing them (and therefore leaving them out completely wasn’t an option), reimagining them would have been a far better idea. The tour’s reputation would have been enhanced.
  3. IMO, Bruce’s set at Glastonbury was one of the biggest artistic missteps of his career. Opening with “Coma Girl” to an audience who want the hits? Oof...
  4. Agree on this one. I'd love any show from this run - 2 and 4 April in particular. Even then, night one (with the first ESB performance of Trapped) would be a great release. Honestly, less than a decade ago, I never thought the live archives would be opened in the way they have been with NUGS. Sure, a couple of the releases have been a bit 6.5 out of 10 (in terms of show choice/Toby Scott mixing). But if they release another 1981 show, one that is mixed well, then I'll be among the first to hand over some money later today.
  5. More than happy to be wrong on this one!
  6. In the last week I must have seen multiple drafts - Simms, Schrager, Brugler etc. - all placing Harris with the Steelers. Aside from the top two, that was about as nailed on as any pick in round one. Given how the Steelers are always above .500, how they’re doing to deal with Big Ben’s replacement is truly fascinating. Regarding the OL depth, I’m hoping that at least one of Walker Little, Teven Jenkins, Dillon Radunz and Samuel Cosmi are there for the Giants tonight (let’s face it, Azeez Ojulari isn’t going to last long!). Jenkins, ideally, for his versatility.
  7. BTR boxset: 15 November 2005 Darkness boxset: 16 November 2010 River boxset: 4 December 2015 Even Barcelona 2002 got a November release (Live in Dublin and Hyde Park both came out in June, admittedly). Given that it's USA, Bruce's commercial peak, I'd be stunned if it's not tailored for the Christmas market. Obviously, I'd prefer something in the summer, too!
  8. Was about to reference those screenshots. LA 1985 would surely only be released as part of a BITUSA boxset. On the (presumed) basis that it'll be coming out for the Christmas market, we're probably still four months away from the announcement.
  9. My slightly different take: any song from the Seeger tour shouldn’t have been played with E Street. American Land and Pay Me are the two obvious choices, but the Tampa 2014 show just before Jazz Fest has a couple of some awful runs as Bruce integrated them into the set (Jesse James, O Mary...).
  10. Three songs from the acoustic set (SEEDS / ADAM RAISED A CAIN / THIS HARD LAND, on single cam) and these songs from the main set exist: 57 CHANNELS (AND NOTHIN' ON)* / SATAN'S JEWELED CROWN* / DOWNBOUND TRAIN* / BRILLIANT DISGUISE* / HUMAN TOUCH* / SOULS OF THE DEPARTED* / HUNGRY HEART* / VIVA LAS VEGAS* / GLORY DAYS* I may be wrong, but from memory the band songs circulated as part of the über series around 15 years ago.
  11. It’s time, but it’s not happening. I suspect a 1992/93 show, but can feel something from BITUSA. Per Solo on BTX, here’s how many days there will have been since the last release from these tours come Friday week. 1369 The Lawsuit Tour (9/26/1976 - 3/25/1977) 8/4/2017 942 The Rising Tour (2002–2003) 10/5/2018 732 Other Band (1992–1993) 5/3/2019 634 Other Tours / One Off Performances 8/9/2019 368 The River Tour (1980–1981) 5/1/2020 326 Devils & Dust Tour (2005) 6/12/2020 256 Seeger Sessions Band Tour (2006) 8/21/2020 228 Born in the U.S.A. Tour (1984–1985) 9/18/202
  12. This. Grudging, terse songs. Always skipped when I listen.
  13. I’d completely forgotten about that. Wow. Going on the assumption that she still had the tapes to photograph circa 1984 prior to the book’s initial release (and therefore seemingly kept them long after the No Nukes incident) that’s potentially a good sign. Just like the Gerber Tapes (imagine what they could have on two-track from 1977!), I’d love to know if INC have these tapes in the archive. Maybe it’ll be one of the releases that goes in to the second or third Darkness Tour empty boxes on sale via NUGS
  14. Unfortunately so. If we're really, really lucky, they'll have Berkeley 30 June/1 July, Passaic 21 September and Atlanta 1 October available on multitrack from 1978. Passaic is the most likely there (I'm almost certain they have that). First night in Atlanta would be truly spectacular as the audience tape from that is sadly unlistenable. Additionally, I've never seen anything that would suggest a SBD, let alone a multitrack, exists in the über circles. From memory, Gerber only worked with Bruce between 1975 and 1977, so that's not a possibility, either. As we've seen from Detroit/To
  15. Because the chances of them having this in multitrack are very slim to none.
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