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  1. Am I the only person who forgets that they played at Gillette in 2003? Largely because of the Fenway shows, I guess, but I can’t recall the tapes showing off anything truly special…
  2. One of my favourite shows. Had a great time in Philly with friends (plenty of Swedish fans were in attendance) and got pretty lucky with the lottery. Was it really 12 years ago?
  3. This is one of the things I love the most about this show: Bruce’s deviations from the setlist are all excellent. The only song on there not played that I’d take in the set is Racing, but the inclusion of Backstreets/Sad Eyes is a fine substitute.
  4. The first set of the ToL tour throughout the USA leg is one of the most stunning artistic creations of Bruce’s career. He’s created some excellent pairings/packs since then, but I’d argue that this was his last truly great expanded narrative moment.
  5. Milan’s atmosphere is incredible. But the shows aren’t always all that - 2012, 2013 in particular. Same arguably applies to Barcelona. I genuinely think the best all-round European city to see Bruce in is Gothenburg. I’ll leave the Boston vs Philly debate to others, but since the Rising Tour I’d say they’re both better places to see Bruce in comparison to NJ and NYC.
  6. The definitive version, 100%. Magic Tour versions seem slow and a little turgid by comparison.
  7. Updating myself by Aniello says he recorded Bruce in NJ. Perhaps his voice is holding up well!
  8. Yes. There are multiple elements of that clue that break down to 15 August 2012. Sure, the line about summer could apply to more shows, but the paint reference can *only* be Fenway. Even if NUGS had managed to access the 2003 files, Bruce didn’t say anything in that show that ties it to the clue as much as the second show there on the WB tour.
  9. Benjamin Moore is a paint company that sells Green Monster paint, which forms part of their Fenway collection. https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/color-overview/find-your-color/color/sc-12/green-monster-green Add in the BTX tweet’s line about summer - could that opening pack be more perfect for an August evening - and Bruce’s post-Thunder Road comments (“let’s start with the summertime hits” or words to that effect!) and its safe to say that they made it nice and easy this month for us to guess!
  10. Here’s part of the BTX review: A grand slam home run. Night one at Fenway was just batting practice compared to this stratospheric performance, and while such comparisons aren't always worth making, the difference here from one night to the next was stark enough to demand it. Part of the shift was the audience — weirdly distracted, chatty, and "loose" on the 14th, but invested on the 15th, that respectful but dedicated Boston crowd we've come to expect over the years. After night one's cautious warm-up, Bruce clearly put a lot of thought into how he wanted night two to feel: for this show we were old friends with a long history together, having a summer celebration under open skies, complete with fireflies. To make it happen, Springsteen was a man on a mission: a mission to surprise, to connect, to bring the European leg energy back home, to galvanize the crowd and create the kind of summertime house party worthy of this storied venue.
  11. First verse appears to be Bruce’s live vocal from Brisbane 2014.
  12. Interesting comment this one - and proof that we all have our own preferences when it comes to recordings. I rarely listen to any USA tape from after the middle of September 1984 these days because of that hideous trigger on Max's drums. I'm glad Toby Scott et al. recorded these shows properly (snare and digital snare on separate tracks) so that the latter stays well clear of the NUGS releases!
  13. Agreed. I like the 5 and 6 August 1984 mixes, 20 August 1984 and 27 September 1985 are fine but a little dry for me… but this one just pops out the speaker brilliantly. One of my favourite archive releases. One other thing that I’ve not seen anybody mention: how brilliant is Gary here? His bass playing throughout is wonderful.
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