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  1. Love the USA leg. Clarence arguably plays better than he ever did - he sounds like somebody trying to prove a point when you listen to the NUGS releases (MSG in particular). The European shows lack the intensity and intimacy for me (we all know the stats about how the BITUSA songs outnumber the ToL material by the end of the leg...).
  2. Good point. Would love if they had the final two Meadowlands shows from the stand (given night two - of 11 - is already out there perhaps it was archived completely?!) but 6 August is surely one we’ll see before long.
  3. Couple of early tour shows that I’d like are Milan (20 June 1992), Wembley (6 July 1992). Even the Stockholm opener (rough around the edges!) would be welcome given some of the rarities...
  4. From BTX: days since last archive release. My guess is a 1992/93 show... DAYS SINCE RELEASE // TOUR // LAST SHOW RELEASED // RELEASE DATE 1309 The Lawsuit Tour (9/26/1976 - 3/25/1977) 8/4/2017 882 The Rising Tour (2002–2003) 10/5/2018 672 Other Band (1992–1993) 5/3/2019 574 Other Tours / One Off Performances 8/9/2019 364 Tunnel of Love Express Tour (1988) 3/6/2020 308 The River Tour (1980–1981) 5/1/2020 266 Devils & Dust Tour (2005) 6/12/2020 245 Reunion Tour (1999–2000) 7/3/2020 196 Seeger Sessions Band Tour (2006) 8/21/2020 168 Born in the U.S.A. Tour (1984–
  5. I worked with somebody whose mother was killed by a drunk driver. It’s not funny. Nobody gets a pass on this. Nobody.
  6. https://apnews.com/article/music-bruce-springsteen-new-jersey-b2e6707b730020c95ceedae27d2c81de For anybody not keen on TMZ, it's now being reported by the AP with this additional detail.
  7. Same can be said for the markets hit on the European 2009 and 2013 legs - Tampere, Bergen, Udine, Bilbao, Seville, Benidorm, Valladolid, Santiago; Turku, Padua, Coventry, Monchengladbach, Limerick, Cork, Leeds and Kilkenny. But Bruce was directionless for large parts of those years. In 2009 and 2014 he had no confidence in the album material and couldn’t build a cohesive show around them. The embracing of signs (yes, that really kicked in in 2008), playing of festivals and crowd surfing etc. felt like a pandering to the masses. In 2013, whether it was WB fatigue or the realisation of Fat
  8. I don’t understand the hate. Artistically, it’s far better than the direction of the 2009, 2013 and 2014 tours.
  9. Indeed. So, the Super Bowl... Chiefs by 11 (or Bucs by four). Anybody else got a pick?
  10. Listening to selected parts of the show now - I'll sit down and tackle the full show as soon as I've got the two hours to spare. Having the series cover Europe 1997 is more than welcome given how much the tour evolved (and that Freehold/Asbury Park aren't typical shows). I'd be curious to know how closely the threads on here correlate with sales on NUGS... I'd imagine London 2006 is an outlier, whereas Greensboro (and the earlier Nassau 2009 release) probably generated minimal sales interest. St Paul 2012 - four pages NYC 2009 - five pages London 1975 - five pages
  11. An hour to go and it’s all very quiet. Can’t help but think it’s going to be a low-key release - Joad fits that bill!
  12. Thank you for the concern. Luckily it’s pandemic fatigue rather than anything serious. E Street shows uplift me (in general, I can skip anything from Europe in 2013 ) so I’d happily take another one of those tomorrow!
  13. Agreed. As artistically brilliant as they are, right now I’m not in the mood for a Joad show. I’ve not listened to one in the past year. My completely uninformed prediction is that tomorrow’s release will be a solid but far from spectacular one... I’ll gladly be wrong
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