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  1. I’d say no. Foo Fighters performed live in the studio two weeks ago.
  2. I'd take an October - December 2007 show and set over, say, Helsinki 2012 any day. Focused, narrative-based and intense.
  3. Max’s screen (which sits just above his bass drum) is visible throughout the Hyde Park film. From memory, it alternates between showing lyrics and the screen feed (typically when Bruce is on the B stages).
  4. You’re right about the LTY doc. Blood Brothers is awkward as hell but that’s the beauty of it. It’s clear that the whole band hasn’t forgotten nor forgiven Bruce for the 1989 phone calls. It also makes me appreciate songs like Secret Garden more, knowing the mood in the room. Also, BB gives the audience a great insight into Bruce’s creative process. The Darkness box documentary isn’t half bad at that either (STICK!), either. Given Roy told Bruce not to demo the LTY songs in advance of the band getting together, I learned next to nothing from the film as to how the album was put tog
  5. So... somebody on the Lake helped me out with tickets for the show. But (1) I can’t remember their username and (2) I now use a different account. Basically, I booked my flight from London the Wednesday night without a ticket to either show. The generous Laker posted that they had two spares and, instead of going to the first person to reply, offered them to the user they felt was most deserving. It was such an amazing gesture - the spare went to a friend who had already booked an NYC trip for the shows, had a ticket to WIESS night but was resigned to queuing in the drop line for the
  6. Jim, I always love reading your stories. We’re so lucky that so many historic Bruce shows were captured to such a high standard - particularly given the lengths that people occasionally had to go to in order to get equipment in!
  7. I’d take My Love from the encore and put it after Roulette. That’s a proven killer double/shot. Badlands needs to be the short version, too. I would be happy to skip any Western Stars songs, unless they’re solo (as much as I love the album). ESB shouldn’t play any Seeger songs, either. They desperately need to be left to the Sessions Band.
  8. Just can’t see this happening. No guarantees that they’ll be able to tour in 2021. Album could be 12, maybe 18 months old before they hit the road. If it’s to be E Street’s last hurrah, I can see album shows and 2016 European style sets aplenty.
  9. He also said on Colbert in the week that the Super Bowl half time show was 2008. Rainmaker is definitely one from the archives. I suspect the next None But The Brave podcast will reveal when it’s from.
  10. I'd put that down to the film using different mixes. Things like the handclaps in Ghosts and backing vocals throughout (particularly Patti) were much more audible - seemingly to compliment the on-screen footage. I mean, Zimny has got to justify all those clips of Patti's endless waving of her hands while she performs her parts, right?
  11. Hmm... The documentary didn’t quite do it for me. Personally I wanted to get more of a feel for the recording process as opposed to seeing the band play to the studio tracks. Bits like the intro sequence (with Bruce guiding Roy through the LTY verse sequence) and then the band trying to figure out the structure of Ghosts was genuinely insightful. Also, the snippet where an early (inferior) take of Ghosts was interesting. As somebody else has mentioned, the shots of Landau getting emotional are actually quite hard hitting. Once again, as per the videos accompanying the s
  12. This. It’s an average song that will sound even weaker live (in my opinion anyway!)
  13. Zane Lowe. Had a lengthy spell at BBC Radio 1 in the UK, now works for Apple's radio station.
  14. This is fantastic. Really well put together - doesn't feel like a virtual meet at all. Man, I'd love to visit Bruce's studio! Shame there wasn't more of Nebraska 2020. And sorry Bruce, "Surprise, Surprise" should have remained a dream. It sounds like "Thousand Guitars" will end up being 2021's equivalent of "Heaven's Wall" in 2014.
  15. Agreed. Also, if being a thief involves buying the three different vinyl options available in the UK and the CD version, then so be it.
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