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  1. Interesting comment this one - and proof that we all have our own preferences when it comes to recordings. I rarely listen to any USA tape from after the middle of September 1984 these days because of that hideous trigger on Max's drums. I'm glad Toby Scott et al. recorded these shows properly (snare and digital snare on separate tracks) so that the latter stays well clear of the NUGS releases!
  2. Agreed. I like the 5 and 6 August 1984 mixes, 20 August 1984 and 27 September 1985 are fine but a little dry for me… but this one just pops out the speaker brilliantly. One of my favourite archive releases. One other thing that I’ve not seen anybody mention: how brilliant is Gary here? His bass playing throughout is wonderful.
  3. Yep, add me to this list. Perhaps if we were to end up with 50 USA shows from 1985 (not happening, I know) I’d be a little bit ambivalent by the end, but this is all part of the legacy.
  4. Think there were a fair few who did the double that weekend. That naturally affects our view, especially of London. Venue didn’t particularly help either.
  5. Correct. Bruce by numbers, completely dialled in show.
  6. The worst Springsteen show I've ever seen... I really hope it isn't this!
  7. And the widely-circulating (incomplete) boot was a soundboard, too. I’d be stunned if they had anything other than the Meadowlands stand from 1984/Giants Stadium and LA 1985 in multitrack based on everything that’s been discussed in the various places since the start of the series.
  8. This. Although the London version (30 May 2008), with Bruce's intro speech, comes very close. I still think the success of the Barcelona version was a factor in Bruce opening the Super Bowl HT show with Tenth a few months later...
  9. I may change my theory to Springsteen in the West Pier, Brighton, then!
  10. Given how much Spotify presumably paid for it, I'd be stunned if they sold sub-licence rights. Same as Netflix sharing the original Broadway video around to broadcasters.
  11. Honestly, and this comment may come back to haunt me, but I cannot think of anything else noteworthy here that would be under consideration. Bruce simply doesn't just do interviews for the sake of it. We know that they're not extending this latest run of SoB. Previous history says that he'd only promote a new product (e.g. a USA boxset) upon release. Launching SITWE on a national radio station - the most popular breakfast show out there - makes sense to me. So, like I said, I'm fully expecting to be wrong. I'll let the insiders starting their mocking now.
  12. Jim, as a part-time taper (no, never attempted Bruce, others are much better!), I love hearing your stories about the travel and the taping process as much as those about the show. They've been fascinating. Love the remastered releases, they really pop out. On a cloudy day in London this afternoon they're just the tonic!
  13. Yep, seconded. I’d be curious to see what the contracts with Sony and Netflix say about that. Intrigued to see how Fire fits the narrative. Glad that AS (41) and Dreams are both included, they’re nice swaps. I’m also glad that Bruce hasn’t decided to include his initial intended Broadway opener this time around…
  14. No, you’re right. This is my old slight grievance with this release.
  15. The following shows all feature Paradise, with those in bold also including Real World, which we still don't have released on a 2005 archive. 2005-08-13 Pontiac Theatre, Vancouver, BC 2005-07-16 Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY 2005-06-28 ICC Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2005-06-04 PalaMalaguti, Bologna, Italy 2005-06-02 Palacio De Deportes De Comunidad De Madrid, Madrid, Spain 2005-06-01 Pavelló Olímpic De Badalona, Barcelona, Spain 2005-05-27 Royal Albert Hall, London, England 2005-05-20 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 2005-05-19 Theater At The Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ 2005-05-14 Patriot Center, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 2005-05-11 Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, IL 2005-05-10 Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul, MN
  16. And going back to the premise of this thread, I suspect another 2005 show cannot be too far away. It's been a year since the last one (Stockholm, released 12 June 2020) and we've had four band shows (three E Street) since the Nice 1997 release back in February.
  17. If we’re moaning about a Darkness show, available in quality we’ve never come that close to before (with apologies to the JEMS tape) *and* a second set that’s never been heard before, then INC might as well stop the series now. Also, I await a similar reaction if/when Atlanta night two comes out in due course.
  18. https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,26627/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-7-1-1978-Berkeley-Community-Theatre-Berkeley-CA.html
  19. Given how quickly the USA has opened up - sell-out crowds at the NBA play-offs, most NFL games expected to have 100% capacity from September - I can see a March/April/May leg in US arenas, June/July/start of August in EU, then back to the USA for stadiums/ball parks in August/September. Basically, a bit like 2012/2016...
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