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  1. I dont have this but can anyone tell me about it? How is the picture quality and sound? (stereo or mono?) Apparently there are 3 dvds but are they dual layer for optimal quality? Any info most appriciated
  2. I dont see that happening anytime soon ....or I have waited 35 years for the stereo mix :/
  3. Thanks....and Marnix. I didnt know this,does that mean that there are other Bruce songs that is in mono?
  4. Agree the authenticity thing must be the reason. Would be nice if a stereo version would be included on Tracks2 or on a BITU box set ....if ever released. But somehow I doubt this will happen,the song release that is.
  5. Hi,long time fan but a new member here Can I please request a show from BITU tour with the song Johnny Bye By? I think he did it on this tour or am I wrong? Hoping for a good audience recording.
  6. This is one of my favorite Springsteen songs and I have loved it ever since buying the 7` single as a kid just for this song in late 1984. But it has always bothered me a little that the recording is in mono and mono recordings is least to me...hard to enjoy while listening when using headphones. The DITD single back in the 80s is always marked as stereo recording on both sides but thats just likely because the label makers took for granted that all songs in the 80s is stereo and so was this one. Only japan got it right and they wrote MONO on the label as picture below shows. A few friends of mine who is also Bruce fans isnt bothered about it beeing in mono so its probably just me. They hear the big difference when listening with headphones and compares any of the BITU album tracks vs this one but they are ok with it,so they say.
  7. Same here,I just had to mention that
  8. I am too,well there is always next month....and the next after that
  9. I really hope for another BITU tour show. And one with Johnny Bye Bye would be great,if recorded. How long is it since we got the last one...27/9-85.... in the spring of last year?