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  1. I hope the same thing but its unlikely as only the first few shows of the tour had this track with full band and apparently they werent recorded.
  2. I hope not,something from the 80s and I would be happy but cant get my wish come through every month so whatever is released it is ok
  3. In that case I hope the ultimate release isnt what we will get
  4. Same here....the 70s Springsteen just isnt my thing except for a few songs.
  5. I`m no expert but is there a version of this song that fans consider as the best version? I asked this in another Springsteen topic a while back...on FB I think...but cant find the topic again. I have a soft spot for shows when Bruce is doing Elvis covers
  6. Im a new member here and was wondering if any rumors in the past was correct regarding upcoming releases or is this just a pointless...but fun... guessing game
  7. From memory there are no albums released that I love or like every song included...but it is close though.These comes to mind: (random order) Born In The Usa,Bad,Brothers In Arms,From Elvis In Memphis,Super Trouper.
  8. I was 8 when Elvis died but cant remember the news but only the aftermath as there was a lots of Elvis on the radio and in magazines back then.Besides Bruce im a big fan of Elvis and 1970 is the ultimate Elvis year...both studio and Live TTWII is most likely my favorite album as well...and I have high hopes for the new From Elvis In Nashville release later this year.
  9. I dont have this but can anyone tell me about it? How is the picture quality and sound? (stereo or mono?) Apparently there are 3 dvds but are they dual layer for optimal quality? Any info most appriciated
  10. I dont see that happening anytime soon ....or ever....as I have waited 35 years for the stereo mix :/
  11. Thanks....and Marnix. I didnt know this,does that mean that there are other Bruce songs that is in mono?
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