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  1. Heard a lot about this show but never watched it. Heard that there is a very good bluray release of it but never seen any links. (I never watch on YouTube as I prefer watching on my old big tv,not a pc screen)
  2. . WOW ….647 pages . Is there any bluray uploads already that anyone can tip me about? Or if anyone can share any none official bluray concerts (2007 or later) that would be great . .
  3. https://www.forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/bruce-springsteen-the-album-collection-vol-2-1987-1996.742066/
  4. Thanks for replies. However I got a lot of info over at Stevehoffmans message Board as it had a long topic dedicated to this release.
  5. Hey,i`m a newbie so forgive me if this is old topic/news. Why is this a japan only cd release,any good reason for it? And most important: Is there a reason I should get a import copy? Is the sound on ...lets say...Tunnel Of Love....noticable better vs the standard standalone cd release of the album? Thanks in advance.
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