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  1. Thanks! Great story. Check this out: http://thealarm.com/mike-peters-–-backstreets-interview/
  2. That must be it and I know that it circulated. I’d love to have a bootleg copy. Thanks! They are 2 of my dearest friends since 1986. I interviewed Mike for Backstreets once too. We became friends because of our shared love for Springsteen
  3. That's awesome! Thank you! BTW - I have a dear friend in North Wales, Mike Peters!
  4. No, that's not it. There's no interviewer or narrator. It's a movie without a real plot featuring all of the songs filmed in NY with a lot of famous cameos.
  5. It's not a live show, it's a movie with no plot with many cameos in it.
  6. I have seen it and have a copy somewhere that I downloaded so I know that it exists. It is also copywritten. I believe that it may have been on laserdisc only. I've seen instances of it being posted on Dime and on Traders Den and then being removed by the mods due to copyrights.
  7. That’s awesome! Do you happen to have the Little Steven - Men Without Women movie?
  8. Hello Everyone! Thanks for having me! I’m a long time Bruce fan. I saw my first show on the Darkness Tour. I’ve been following him around ever since. I live in Buffalo, NY. I’ve met Bruce twice and am an acquaintance of Steven’s. From the land of peace, love and no mercy! -Gary Z.
  9. Can anybody help me find a copy of this? I have one somewhere but can’t find it. Thanks!
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