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  1. I, personally, got no issues with the length of your reviews. I'm much like you where I like to get as much details as possible. Also your reviews don't feel 'long' when reading through them.
  2. Wonderful read as always! (especially when reading while listening to the show).
  3. A great release! I love the horns on this tour much better than in 1988. A fantastic set-list and excellent performances of 'Thunder Road', 'Girls In Their Summer Clothes', 'Frankie', "Prove It All Night' & 'Backstreets'. Special mention to an, in my opinion, truly incredible version of 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town'.
  4. This song is now officially in my top 5 favorite Bruce songs!
  5. 'Cadillac Ranch/Mystery Train' - 2006-05-07 - Manchester
  6. This one is indeed officially released and thus can not be shared here.
  7. We can definitely hope so! Never enough '75-'85!
  8. I've bought the London 2006 show (because of the longer set-list) and will listen to it the coming week. I also bought the October 1986 performance and listened to it today. Enjoyed it, especially the rare acoustic version of 'Fire'.
  9. Read your reviews of East Rutherford '92 and Boston '92 today, as I bought both of those shows. Excellent work as always. Very enjoyable and informative! Will be reading more in the next few days as I also bought Asbury Park '96 and Grand Rapids '05 recently. Also doubting to buy one of the '06 concerts, have not decided which one though.
  10. Thanks guys. You are really brilliant. Very much appreciated!
  11. 'Tougher Than The Rest' - 1992-07-25 - East Rutherford
  12. 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town' - 1992-07-25 - East Rutherford
  13. Hi Guys, can anyone help me with the following: - Oakland, 1984-10-21 - Los Angeles, 1984-10-26 - Los Angeles, 1984-10-28 - Los Angeles, 1984-10-31 Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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