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  1. My #1 will always be 'Good Rockin' Tonight' from September 20th, 1978. Further I really like 'Trapped', 'Detroit Medley', 'Higher and Higher', 'Burning Love', 'bad Moon Rising' very much.
  2. Just enjoy the heck out of it! My small disappointment went out of the door the moment I put on Good Rockin' Tonight from September 20th, 1978 These archive releases are like a lottery where you always win a price. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you don't. Again, enjoy this new release!
  3. Have to say, I'm a little disappointed. Didn't expect a non E-Street band show 2 months after the Devil's and Dust tour release. Luckily, the September release is only 2 weeks away.
  4. Looking forward to that! A little side question, but did Steve guests on any of the Tunnel of Love shows from '88 ?
  5. Must have been awesome seeing Steve again.
  6. Fantastic video and even more fantastic performance. Seeing this song in any setlist makes me a happy guy. Also, love to see Max and realize what a great drummer he is!
  7. No tweet it is delayed again either. I believe it is really coming this time!
  8. Just listened to that 'Wings For Wheels' version of Thunder Road and I love it. So many differences, but so much the same at the same time. fascinating. Will have a complete listen to this show as well as the August 15th concert while commuting to/from work during night shift starting tomorrow. Also, again, a big thank you to @chevy396 for uploading my request.
  9. Thank you so very much. It's really appreciated!
  10. That is quite impressive! I know that I will want to get them all (that's just the way I am), but I'll start with the one you've just uploaded and will add other sources/releases in the future. There is simply so much to listen to .... even though I have almost 3 months vacation time a year because of my work I'll need a lot more. I need to find out if my boss likes Bruce Springsteen too ...
  11. As I don't have any version at this moment I'm thankful for anything you might have and are willing to upload.
  12. Could someone please help me with the Main Point, February 5th, 1975 radio broadcast? Many thanks in advance!
  13. I have the show, but not listened to it yet. I appreciate you thinking of me! I've seen some video's of Largo '78 on Youtube and I'm looking forward to seeing the complete show in context. As for picture quality, as an Elvis fan I'm used to far, far worse in that regard so very little chance it is a dealbreaker for me. Isn't there also a show from this venue from February '75 that is highly regarded? (that's one I don't have by the way).
  14. Have now listened to that 1993 version and I like it. It is different, but not too much. This might get in my 'Atlantic City' top 10 ...
  15. Ok, that's something I didn't know. Thanks for pointing it out Paolo.
  16. Looking at the 'Latest Shows' it's missing Stockholm 2005 and has instead Albany '77 on top. This could indeed be a glitch.
  17. I'm also a big Elvis fan for 30+ years and his covers of Elvis songs are always excellent. I prefer the 2014 Burning Love version myself.
  18. No contest for me, definitely electric live. @Silvia I'll check out that version after my 20 minute date with Kitty has ended. Can't put her aside, she just came back.
  19. Reminds me to fact check, especially after coming home from work The D & D show was 2 months ago already, you're totally right. replace 'last month' with '2 months ago' and you'll have my intended reply
  20. I love it! The sad part is, I could have seen it live as he performed it in The Hague 4 years ago. I might even have heard a few bits if my window was open that night
  21. I can definitely live with monotonous when it has frickin' Good Rockin' Tonight as an opener