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  1. What a coincidence that Bruce is set free the day after he announces his podcast with the former President of the United States And it's also revealed that he had a previous sentence for using his cellphone while driving This changes NOTHING.
  2. "Of all the girls in New Jersey, you had to fuck this one?" https://youtu.be/Xx9TNffQQcw
  3. It's...heh heh...all about uh.....heh...having a errr....ummmm....heh heh....having a uh..... conversation....uhhh....heh......heh... between myself....ermmm....heh....and my audience....um....heh....in some fashion....in....a wahn! two! three! fawr!
  4. Bruce told us to meet in the middle. So where was his podcast with President Trump?
  5. It is more common in the music industry than you think, and Bruce is no stranger to it.
  6. It's long been rumoured that it's not Bruce on the recording, but a session singer. Bruce agreed to bill it as himself as a favour to Lofgren to boost record sales - and then he appeared in the music video as a plug. But the vocals are definitely not Bruce.
  7. Bruce transcends sport. He's much bigger and popular. I still remember how Bruce was forced to rework his summer 2012 tour around the UEFA Euros. Completley arrogant of UEFA to think their pathetic sport was more important than Bruce. He's much bigger than soccer. I still have nightmares of been in the queues for those 2012 shows and having to hear all of the Euro fans whining about their soccer team. Unless it's baseball, basketball or football, nobody gives a fuck.
  8. I'll tell you one thing and I'm not ashamed to say it, my estimation of Bruce Springsteen as a man just fucking plummeted.
  9. He shouldn't have been involved. We're in the middle of a global pandemic.
  10. Nah, there's no justifying this. You perform a concert with hundreds of attendees in the middle of a global fucking pandemic?
  11. Incredibly stupid and disrespectful that he would: - play a live concert in the middle of a global pandemic and not even bother to wear a mask - not even address his arrest even though it's the source of much speculation and worry within the fanbase
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