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  1. coverme2009, didn't you once claim that John Mellencamp invented hip hop?
  2. RIP. 16(?) years of posting history lost.
  3. BTX has been dead for a long time. All the interesting people either moved on or were banned, now it's just alleged insiders spinning falsehoods about Tracks 2.
  4. I don't find a Bruce biopic appealling. His personal life seems pretty boring. What's the big emotional climax of the movie going to be? Banging his backup singer? Being called a floating fag by a cop? Getting pulled over for taking a shot of tequila? The main draw of Bruce is his live performances so you'd just get a pale imitation of the real thing.
  5. I was surprised Western Stars got zero nominations. The Grammy's are trying to move away from their reputation of only rewarding 'boomer' musicians. Gone are the days of Bruce winning a Grammy for minor stuff like Code of Silence - a freaking live cut of an outtake that was on his second greatest hits set.
  6. Remember when that guy on BTX faked his own death?
  7. House on Fire was Rainmaker. Incorrect title but otherwise correct information. I'll take your grovelling apology as implied.
  8. Extremely piss poor for Bruce Inc to cock tease us with Sunderland 2012 and then release a show from 00. Pure bait and switch.
  9. Sunderland 2012 setlist SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND BADLANDS / WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN / WRECKING BALL / DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN / MY CITY OF RUINS / SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT / DOES THIS BUS STOP AT 82ND STREET? / JACK OF ALL TRADES / YOUNGSTOWN / MURDER INCORPORATED / JOHNNY 99 / WORKING ON THE HIGHWAY / SHACKLED AND DRAWN / WAITIN' ON A SUNNY DAY / THE PROMISED LAND / POINT BLANK / THE RIVER / THE RISING / OUT IN THE STREET / LAND OF HOPE AND DREAMS - PEOPLE GET READY / WE ARE ALIVE / THUNDER ROAD / BORN TO RUN / HUNGRY HEART / SEVEN NIGHTS TO ROCK / GLORY DAYS / DANCING IN THE DARK / TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT Held at the home of Sunderland AFC. 28-song set for the first of three shows in England. It's Nils 61st birthday and he celebrated it on stage. "Point Blank" remains in the set, "Born In The U.S.A." is dropped for the first time since it was premiered in Las Palmas on May 15, and "Rocky Ground" is also skipped. "My City Of Ruins" includes a snippet of "Sad Mood". "Spirit In The Night" was last played in the UK in 1975. Set also includes the 300th performance of "Waitin' On A Sunny Day". First ever performances in England of "We Take Care Of Our Own", "Wrecking Ball", "Death To My Hometown", "Jack Of All Trades", "Shackled And Drawn", and "We Are Alive". Patti Scialfa is not present.
  10. This isn't taken from Backstreets, this is taken from Twitter.
  11. What a coincidence that Bruce is set free the day after he announces his podcast with the former President of the United States And it's also revealed that he had a previous sentence for using his cellphone while driving This changes NOTHING.
  12. "Of all the girls in New Jersey, you had to fuck this one?" https://youtu.be/Xx9TNffQQcw
  13. It's...heh heh...all about uh.....heh...having a errr....ummmm....heh heh....having a uh..... conversation....uhhh....heh......heh... between myself....ermmm....heh....and my audience....um....heh....in some fashion....in....a wahn! two! three! fawr!
  14. Bruce told us to meet in the middle. So where was his podcast with President Trump?
  15. It is more common in the music industry than you think, and Bruce is no stranger to it.
  16. It's long been rumoured that it's not Bruce on the recording, but a session singer. Bruce agreed to bill it as himself as a favour to Lofgren to boost record sales - and then he appeared in the music video as a plug. But the vocals are definitely not Bruce.
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