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  1. Thank you once again, and yes thank you Greggy_D. I’m sure it’s now saved
  2. Thank you, I’m not on pc but I’m sure I’ve saved it to my phone.
  3. OMG Thank you so very much for all of your help, to be able to put all the words together from other hand written songs to make up my lyrics. Im so over joyed that you did this for me, I’m not sure if I can somehow just copy it from here or if I need you to email it to me?
  4. Hi i can’t seam to open the link also on my phone, but thanks for your help
  5. Hi thanks for your help, I sadly don’t have a he book SONGS. I live in Australia, and the only book I’ve found is over seas and to buy it and have it sent I’m looking at over $140 Australian dollars, which I can not afford atm that was my plan, to get the lyrics together and see how the tattoo would look like before I decided. i didn’t realise how much of a hard time it would be finding the hand written lyrics to my all time Favourite song
  6. That’s a great idea, if I could even get the just the hand written lyrics of my life quote it would be amazing. “you've got to learn to live with what you can't rise above” Thanks
  7. Hi thanks for the suggestion, I’m new to all forums and how they work. I’m not sure how to or where to use a post in note, sorry to sound dumb but I have no idea. But thank you for your help
  8. It would be amazing to find someone who has the hand written lyrics, that would be willing to share with me. Ive looked and searched so many places, I was told about this amazing forum and all the Bruce fans. So I thought if anyone could help it maybe someone in here.
  9. Thanks, I’m still trying to work the forum out. I think I maybe putting my reply’s in the wrong places? Its been a tattoo I’ve wanted to get for a very long time, nothing would be better then reading Bruce’s lyrics as a reminder ever day that I can and will rise above it all
  10. I was told about the Bruce font, I’ve looked and also having issues with google. if love to find the original lyrics, but thinking its going to be a mission.
  11. I was told about the Bruce font, I’ve also had issues trying to find it on google. I would love to find the original lyrics, but I’m starting to think it maybe a hard mission.
  12. Bloody spell check, I’ll have to make sure it’s spelt write when I get the tattoo. I so hope I can find the lyrics