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  1. Yes, I do https://mega.nz/folder/oVJhWYAJ#vbgXvXKzyLj5LngzVUz2JA
  2. I've only the CC one, enjoy. https://mega.nz/folder/lE5wRSgB#Y5r_m34NRG4u1okkS8jdtA
  3. 1976 https://mega.nz/folder/FQhSVJga#OPFf8-77zqHOrJX8Sli5cA 1988 https://mega.nz/folder/YUYQkLyD#btTY0T0mlUpuMXj68a0zDQ
  4. here you go, link valid for 7 days https://wetransfer.com/downloads/350caff55370d6330c556eed4361c49820210625205251/90d6cec4e8c4ddaa8ca6da8658e007af20210625205318/6e8c3f
  5. Did you get them all, or do you still need some titles?
  6. Waldbuhne: https://mega.nz/folder/pRoUDIAJ#UB1RyS33-6zP911UxgWGnQ Earls Court (I was there): https://mega.nz/folder/sV4wwChL#Ni6BSCa4x914Vmd-lWha0Q Enjoy!
  7. here you go: https://mega.nz/folder/pMhQHaRJ#vwyhrCX-DJb8ieSa70uX9w
  8. That's not my share to be clear, it's just the link to the collection on Brucebase, with a little search you could have found that also, but I though that i would show you the way to the goodies :-) No boot requests at this moment, thx for asking.
  9. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ciMluJl0QVPZxUsniaNdSQiUcPxleL7s
  10. Only 16 dollars, but probably not what you were looking for :-) https://www.rockinconcerts.com/bruce-springsteen-cd-1984-09-25-buffalo-audience.html I've got one that's called RJ Tapes though from that date. '
  11. The Aroma of Tacoma, who the hell came up with that title :-)
  12. have it, except for the logs but with the checksum and art so it appears (title of directory says missing logs)
  13. had that before (only to find them in the deleted files luckily), and this week I got the opposite, all of a sudden a folder is duplicated, that syncing process is not always working right
  14. you need to look better (it's at least 5, one to introduce myself, cc antwerp and 4 random ones somebody requested) and there's also a little something called private message over here, 2 people used that way to contact me with a request.
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