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  1. Thanks, and I do try to keep on living in the best way possible. It's tough, but I know that mom's worst sadness would be that we, in her closest family, just would give up living. Yeah, the emptiness is the worst thing right now. I guess you slowly will adapt to the new situation, but right now the world's just feel different and a lot more empty. One think that does help is to talk to other people who been through similar situations. I just don't think that you possibly can understand the sorrow, pain and emptiness unless you've lost a close one. I notice that with some people, th
  2. Thanks. The funeral was yesterday, and it was beautiful, but very sad. Today just feels so empty, now when all relatives and friends have left. It's almost a month now since she's passed away, and I guess it's starting to sink in a bit.
  3. Hey Froggy. Thank you for that, and I'm also sorry to hear about your dad. Seeing someone you love die in a disease is no easy thing. It's the most terrible thing I've ever been through, and I guess it's the same for you. But it's good that Bruce's music could help you, like it helped (helps) me. And I hope your memories of your father will be warm and bright ones.
  4. Sorry to hear that your mother got dementia. My paternal grandma got it, and I have worked at retirement homes, so I've seen the effects from it. It must have been really hard to see your mother fading away in that disease. As you say, she's in peace now, and back with your dad. Hopefully most of your memories are the good ones, before she got sick in that terrible disease that changed her so. Well, it's tough for my dad of course. We have been going through mom's clothes and stuff like that, and it affects him really hard. It's very hard for both of us, but I guess his situation is diffe
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. Death is never easy, but to have it drawn-out like that is terrible. It's something you just can't understand if you haven't seen it happen to someone you love. It sounds very beautiful that your parent are with you in some spiritual or mental way. Right now everything feels so empty. I know she's gone, but it's still pretty hard to accept it. Thanks, and I wish the best for you as well.
  6. Thank you. My mom got cancer a little more than three years ago, and we knew from the start that she had at most five years left. Earlier this year we started to realize that she most likely wouldn't make it to the next year. And this summer her disease got a lot worse, and the latest month (especially the last two weeks), was basically only a long wait for her to be released from her pain. And Wednesday, September 23, this week she passed away. Bruce Springsteen's music have been so important to me this time, and so many of his songs have felt very meaningful. And the release
  7. Yeah, life can be very hard sometimes. It sure would be nice if my mom and your dad could have died of old age, hopefully when they felt that they were satisfied and had done all the things in life they wanted to do. But that wasn't the case, and I guess there's no answer to why it had to be like that. Finding signs of meaning can be a very good thing when you're going through tough times. That Bruce played Mary's Place at that show must have felt special, and even if it's easy to say that a person that wants to see signs or patterns is going to find them, I think that there are things a
  8. Thanks. Yeah, it was a fitting song for me these days.
  9. I really liked this song a lot. The music, lyrics and the overall theme of the song and the music video feels very typical Bruce, and that's OK with me. Since the song was released the day after mom died these lyrics felt very special and personal right now: It’s just your ghost Moving through the night Your spirit filled with light I need, need you by my side Your love and I’m alive Thank you Bruce.
  10. Thank you for your kind words Daisy. The evenings and nights are the hardest part of the day, so your comment is comforting. It feels so very sad and weird that she's gone, but, as you write, I believe she's in a better place now. I'm sure that the lasting memories will be all the fun we had together, and how happy, kind and wise my mom used to be. She sure had a heart of gold.
  11. Thank you. Every kind word today, whether it has been from relatives, friends or Bruce Springsteen fans at Greasylake has meant something. It won't make the sorrow or feeling of emptiness smaller, but it can give me a brief smile on my lips, or make feel a little bit warmer, and that's worth a lot today. It's good that you have that relationship to your mother. Family is important, and maybe I didn't even understand just how important it is, until today. I do think of the good times we had, and I cherish those memories so much. Even if it's just a mundane memory of me visiting my m
  12. Thanks. Oh, I see. I'm sorry for your loss. Yeah, it's a terrible disease. And 63 is no age. I do hope you have fond memories of your mom and your life with her before you went through that terrible thing. We did spend much time with her at the hospital. And when she passed away this morning, me, my father and my sister were there with her all the time. And I really do believe she knew that we were there with her. Thank you. I'm so sorry. But as you say, it's a very very good thing that you were there and had the chance to say your goodbyes. It probably meant the world, both for
  13. Thank you. I don't know anyone here, but people handle grief in different ways, and I'm on of those persons that feel better if I talk and write about matters like this. I hope it will be some sort of tribute, so thanks. My mother come from a Christian family, and I do believe that she - in some way I can't describe - will be with us in spirit. And I also hope that all we say, write and think about her will reach her, somewhere somehow.
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