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  1. Always my favourite show entrance of any tour when he came out, got his ticket and went into the title song.
  2. My word there are some ignorant people out there - it was from LAST YEAR!
  3. If it had been something like 41 shots, now that would have been a story. But this is just nonsense. Only in America can you buy an assault rifle in a Walmart but get done for downing one shot of tequila.,
  4. Is it okay to admit that I've never heard a Taylor Swift song? Am I out of touch, or what?
  5. Surely, he has to play Old Dan Tucker on the banjo
  6. Ghosts was rough but still had the best moment at the end when the band really takes off, and it's a much better song than the generic dreams. Bruce's voice, though, is another matter. It was exposed in a quiet indoor setting. Obviously in a stadium with the crowd noise and the usual sound echo the out of tune bits would be less obvious. But they did seem to enjoy themselves, and that's the main thing.
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