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  1. Hey, Ireland is back open, no more restrictions - which has come completely out of the blue to be honest - so Bruce can play the entire European tour here!
  2. At Bruce's age, though, another year's delay could seriously affect performance levels.
  3. Watched for first time today - what strikes you is the sheer joy with which he performs. Not to mention the confidence and swagger, the way he has the audience in the palm of his hand well before the end. And what an added treat to see Jackson Browne and Tom Petty on the same stage in their prime.
  4. Couldn't agree more, it's really annoying, you just want to scream at him to EITHER PUT IT ON OR GET RID OF IT!
  5. Did anyone actually listen to what the man said? He didn't say the fans were racist. He just said that Clarence would be treated differently as a normal black man in everyday life, which is undoubtedly true. Do people now want to cancel Obama and Bruce?
  6. My first thought was - It could be cold and wet, or very cold and very wet.
  7. Why shouldn't he have a band in 2022? People like Jackson Browne are out on the road already, playing with a band. Why can't Bruce do the same? Life has to go on, and there's always risks. Maybe play smaller venues, there's an idea.
  8. People always talk about Bruce and Clarence on stage, but when I first saw Steve with the band in 99, i thought - that's it! Bruce was a different person with Steve beside him, and I dreaded Steve leaving the band again. Their chemistry onstage was fantastic.
  9. What a drummer. What a gentleman. What a loss.
  10. Don't want to be pessimistic but have a feeling this duet with Patti Smith is going to be a car-crash. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. Sorry, but Local Hero is a mediocre song at best, and this live arrangement is frankly a mess, particularly at the beginning.
  12. If he announces a project with so-called writer James Patterson, I may just go insane............
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