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  1. Birdcage liner. "No one understood Born in the USA"? I guess he means those that couldn't be bothered to listen to the lyrics or read the lyrics sheet.
  2. Glory Days House of a Thousand Guitars One Step Up Promised Land Dancing in the Dark
  3. Something in the Night (Live at The Paramount Theatre, 2009) Gives me chills. What an underrated song!
  4. What an unbelievably difficult choice. Came down to Clarence, Steve, and Roy for me. I ended up voting for Steve.
  5. Got the Hiatt book for Christmas but haven't had much of a chance to look at it yet. Will be a fun read I think.
  6. I agree that Bruce was not at his best. Two things: 1. He is 71 years old. 2. He is rusty. Agree 100% with that sentiment. Above said, it was fantastic to see the joy they took in their performance. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ghosts will be a firecracker live, once they get it down. Dreams was very good.
  7. RIP John Lennon. Hard to believe 40 years have passed... I don't take what he said too literally. Look at the Beatles...their later songs were much more complex and dealt with deeper subjects than their early material. He's probably projecting a bit of that onto Bruce's career.
  8. Always loved the sax in the ESB. Just one reason that separates them from other artists and makes them the greatest rock band to ever walk the earth. A fun exercise to go back and listen to these songs. I hadn't listened to a few of them in a while. In the end for me, it came down to a choice between Sherry Darling and several songs with the word "Night" in the title, including one called simply "Night". I was a little surprised that my vote went to "Drive All Night". Just a beautiful, haunting solo on that one. RIP Big Man. I will never forget Bruce's beautiful words: "Cl
  9. Letter to You. I enjoy Western Stars, but in general I prefer rockin' ESB Bruce.
  10. Diamond Jackie burst just like a supernova past the kids, past the sailors, to a dimly lit trailer
  11. Enjoyable tune. Reminds me of Magic, too. A tight song that doesn't overstay its welcome.
  12. Back in Your Arms. The version on the Live Series is wonderful. Great interplay with the crowd.
  13. Finally got a chance to watch the documentary, and it was very moving. It got me to thinking: why is Bruce my favourite musical artist? I like a lot of stuff and listen to a number of different genres regularly, yet I always come back to Bruce as my #1. After reflecting on the documentary, I came to two main reasons: 1. His lyrics speak to me like no one else's. There are other great songwriters, but no one brings it home to me like Bruce. 2. I often find myself wanting to hear a particular instrument emphasized. That likely comes from the customary electric guitar solo in a lot
  14. The divergent views regarding certain songs is intriguing. Rainmaker is not my fave, but it has grown on me and I enjoy the lyrics very much. And I like the chorus lol. IMO there is not a true clunker on this album. They all work for me at some level, and I'm sure that will evolve. 30 years ago if you'd told me I'm Goin' Down would become my favorite tune from BITUSA I would have called you nuts. My current favorite from LTY is Priest followed closely by Ghosts.
  15. This album keeps growing on me. I love the treatment given the "old" songs. Priest is my personal favorite of the three. Burnin' Train and Ghosts are just fantastic. I have my faves but there is not a weak tune in this bunch IMO. The organ sounds amazing. I'm gushing but haven't been so excited about a Bruce release in over a decade. This album does such a great job of capturing the power of the heart stopping, pants dropping, love making, earth quaking...E STREET BAND!
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